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Your childhood toys could be worth some serious coin

A conversation with a friend the other day ended with me ringing my mum sussing out where all my childhood toys had gone. Why? Toys from the 90’s can be now worth a mint and you could make some serious cash.

I know you can’t put a price on memories and sentimental value, but with bills to pay and three teenage boys to feed, I’m happy to trade these dust collectors for cash! You might find me over on eBay selling my Polly Pocket and Cabbage Patch dolls or visiting every garage sale in town to find the most sought after toys from the 90’s.

Original Game Boy

Oh boy, my boys would laugh and shake their heads at such an historic piece of gaming history. But little do they know the impact this grey box of plastic had on a generation, I mean Tetris was life back then. And if you’re lucky enough to still have yours, check out what they are worth over on eBay.

Polly Pocket

The secret to this cash cow from the 90’s are the sets released before 1998 when Matell bought the company. If you happen to have a set in original packaging, then you could fetch around $600.

Cabbage Patch Dolls

An original adoption fee of $40 could be worth 20 times that amount now if you have the original clothing and adoption certificate. And if you were lucky enough to adopt a rare doll… you could be sitting on thousands! I miss my Emma Louise and Christopher John (the bald one with overalls and a dummy 😉 )

First series of Pokemon cards

If you really want to “catch ’em all” you better have deep pockets. Mint condition cards can be worth up to $9000. Maybe I should have kept the boys card collections!


Too terrifying to look at but worth up to $1000 for a toy still in its box. Used Furbies still fetch a couple of hundred dollars.

PEZ dispensers

Hang on to your kids PEZ dispensers… one fetched $32,000 back in 2016. Not a bad return on investment.

A little research had me wishing I had kept all my toys! Barbie, Transformers, Jurassic Park, Super Nintendo games… the list goes on. Maybe we should start investing in toys and selling them in 30 years time?

Happy hunting.

♥ KC.


  • Katie

    Oh my gosh I have my original cabbage patch –
    Wallace Gary – he’s the baby – bald with a dummy and dressed in a lamb suit! Haha.
    Maybe I shouldn’t be letting my 2 year old play with him?!?

  • Kelly

    I just asked my mum if I had mine packed away somewhere and she found them ! I had 2, Enid Elizabeth and Agatha Scarlett! I have 2 boys so they won’t be interested.

  • kerrie

    A box full of the first Polly Pockets released, two furbies and two gameboys binned when we moved! (I think the PP went to vinnies…) Eeeeeek!!!!

  • Maureen Ellis

    I have been told that my boys’ Leggo train set is worth quite a bit now. It is over 30 years old. I don’t have the original packaging but I do have all the instruction books for putting it all together.

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