Win a sidebar ad on my blog until Christmas


I feel like sharing the love around and hope to give one of my readers a cool opportunity to have a spot in my sidebar for the next 5 weeks or so.

All you have to do is leave me a comment below and link to your shop/service/blog… whatever you do… and I will pick a worthy winner.

The size of the ad will be 300px by 250px. I don’t care if it’s animated or static. It will have to be an ad already designed and ready to go. It will also need to be of good quality and appealing to fit in with the theme of my blog.


CLOSED: Winner announced in comments below.

♥ KC.


  • Kym Church

    Hi Katrina, my site is would love some exposure!

  • Debbie Changuion

    Hi Katrina….your offer sounds fabulous. We would love some more exposure to our products – in particular our new range “Faces of Africa” which we are really excited about! Our online store is
    Fingers crossed. Thanks Debbie

  • Jenny Langmaid

    Hi Katrina…I echo everybody comments above. Great generous idea to pay it forward! Ive been blogging for a few months now (renovating, life with a tween, travel and lifes ups and downs) and feel my blog would have a great fit with yours. Slowly but surely Im building my subscriptions. Fingers crossed Im the lucky one but regardless thanks for putting it out there. Im sure just be reading some of the replies we will all have new e-shops, blogs, sites to visit! Bravo!

  • Kath Friedrich

    Hi Katrina,
    What a wonderful opportunity for some like me that has only had live blog since last Monday. A complete reno in 12 week a min Block . haha
    I hope you see what I see.

    Kind regards

  • Deb Bertram

    Well that would give my little blog the kick along it needs. Whenever I get down at the lack of hits it gets I read your positive blog tips and it gives me hope and I remind myself Oprah wasn’t built in a day and I write another post! I’m going to test my photoshop skills and whip up an ad just on the off chance I win. Staying positive!

  • Tessa : Down that Little Lane

    I would love that.. you could consider it 600 peeps in one button feeling very grateful if they were there.. Thanks for the chance x

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