Why Blog?

I have had some time on my hands this week and have been ‘house-keeping’ on my blog’s. I have been thinking about WHY do we blog?

Blogging started out for most of us as a diary of our lives. I know this because when I started blogging 4 years ago, this is all I saw: blogs about people and their lives.

Blogging has changed. While there are still tonnes and tonnes of personal blogs out there, I am seeing a big shift towards businesses using a blog as their sole website, or to complement their existing website.

I received a phone call from a lovely lady yesterday who would like some help in starting up a blog. She has never blogged before. Why did she decide she needed a blog? She already has a website, but felt a blog could supplement this.

Here is why I think it’s imperative that a blog goes hand-in-hand with a website (even as a standalone tool for your business)…

1. A blog is updated frequently with current information to show what is happening NOW in your business.
2. A blog lets people subscribe to this current information letting them know instantly to visit you.
3. A blog shows your clients and customers that you are growing as a business. A blog changes its content often, a website does not.
4. A blog makes your business personable and friendly as you have to chance to speak to your readers.
5. A blog is the best format to help you link back to your website, twitter and facebook (which I think are important accounts to have).
6. A blog is in YOUR control. You can update, add and change things as you desire and not be charged for ongoing costs like a website.

Use a BLOG as your website today and build your business!

If you want to read some tips on how to blog successfully then click here and here.

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  • Letitia Linke

    Great post Katrina! Letitia x

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