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What I Wish I Knew Before Starting My House Reno

Starting my house renovation felt a bit like gearing up for a big adventure. I had a vision and lots of inspo from Pinterest and those speedy home makeover shows. Little did I know, I was in for a reality check: everything takes way longer than you think.

The Real Time-Suckers Aren’t What You Expect

Turns out, the actual reno tasks like slapping paint on the walls or laying down tiles? They’re not the big time thieves. It’s all the other stuff—the behind-the-scenes action—that really eats up your day.

Before you can even start, there’s a whole song and dance: moving furniture out of the way, covering everything you don’t want dust on, and getting all your tools in place. And just when you think you’re done for the day, there’s a whole cleanup operation that needs to happen before you can crash.

Adjusting My Game Plan

This whole experience was a game changer for how I plan. Initially, I thought I could zip through tasks like I was in a sped-up video. Reality check: those are edits, not real life. Now, I know better. I pad my schedule to account for all the prepping and cleaning because a job that seems like it’ll take two hours can easily stretch into an entire day.

Keeping It Chill

For anyone about to jump into a reno, here’s my take: keep your chill. Patience and good planning are your best buddies. Remember, it’s not just about doing the work—it’s about managing the mess and the setup too.

Take It from Me

Renovating your place is definitely a rollercoaster—lots of ups and downs. But knowing what to expect can make it way less stressful. Take it slow, plan for more time than you think you’ll need, and try to enjoy the ride. Trust me, it’s worth it when you see your new space come to life!

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