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The KOH mop

I’ve had KOH for a while now. I bought it a couple for years ago to try and I wrote my thoughts over here.

Here’s what I thought about KOH

  • A big yes for windows, mirrors and even pool glass. I did all my pool glass last weekend.
  • I would say that I still need a wet sponge and harsher product for my shower here and there.
  • KOH is most definitely a maintenance product (just my opinion). I think that once you get those showers and oven clean, you will then love using the KOH to keep on top of your cleaning.
  • I won’t use for toilet cleaning (because dry cloth!).
  • The product has no smell at all. This is good, because I am a massive fan of low-tox cleaning.
  • I still think a little bit of baby oil on stainless steel is the best cleaning hack you’ll ever try.
  • It’s great for spot cleaning like marks on your walls, powerpoints or door handles.

Tips for cleaning pool glass with KOH

  • Similar to shower screens – if you have built up streaks/marks/calcium then KOH will not cure it.
  • It’s excellent for dirt and general marks.
  • So easy to use.
  • I hosed my glass down first so it was a little damp and I got rid of any dirt.
  • Spray KOH straight on to the glass and wipe with your microfibre cloth.

But I hadn’t tried the mop until recently

  • One of the easiest mops I’ve ever used.
  • It took me a few turns to get it right for my floors. I decided that it’s better to wet the pad in hot water first and wring it out.
  • Use minimal KOH spray only here and there. In the beginning I was spraying too much and it left my floors milky.
  • You get 3 pads for the floor so it doesn’t matter if you always have one in the wash.
  • Wash them in the machine (I don’t add any washing liquid – I just wash with water).

My husband was very happy to open the delivery and give it a whirl! See him in action >>


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Give this guy a mop and who knew how excited he’d get ?

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That’s what I think! I’d love to hear what your opinion is?

Get your starter pack HERE!

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♥ KC.

**Koh gifted me the mop this time round. I already bought the other products last year.

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