The first day of Winter – do you wear polar fleece?

My sister and I have had a long running joke that we think our Mum is obsessed with polar fleece (Mum reads my blog so she will be raising an eyebrow at this point!). She has lots of polar fleece jumpers and vests. And sometimes when she’s really cold, I’ve seen her do “double polar fleece” with the jumper and the vest over the top. She doesn’t wear them out and about – just at home.

Last week I had lunch with 2 friends and somehow we got on this subject. Yep, BOTH of their Mother’s do the same thing – wear polar fleece at home.

One friend sent me random photos of her mother during the week wearing polar fleece. I’ve been laughing all week! There was the red one, the navy one….

Yesterday I had lunch with above friend AND her Mother. We started talking about it because her Mum said her daughter was so disrespectful snapping photos of her polar fleece and sending to me (she was joking and laughing!).

They must all be on to something. I mean, 3 of our Mother’s wear polar fleece at home!

Is your Mum always telling you “you can’t be warm in that?” Why do they always know best? Why are they always sensible with their spencers, polar fleece, warm jackets?

I buy things because they look good – I barely consider if they are warm enough!

But, I’ve relented and I think I need to buy some polar fleece for home. You’re going to roll your eyes here – but I don’t wear tracksuits out of the house 😉 I’m a diva, I know!

They’re on a good thing here, we’ve discovered. We are turning in to our Mum’s! They are too sensible.

Today is the first day of Winter, so what do you do to keep warm during these months? Ugg boots? Thermals? Snuggies?

Update:  Mum texts me at 9am… “Yes, I am reading your blog. Yes I love my polar fleece at home. On hols I bought the best trackies. Yes they polar fleece. The sales lady said she can’t get out of hers. I also got a new zip up jacket in aqua. Mum’s are built for comfort thesedays. Gotta love a good polar fleece. Funny x”  

Crack up!


  • Kek

    Eek! Polar fleece…no way! But of course my Mum wears it. It must be a mum thing. 😉

    I favour camisoles and other light layers under my clothes for warmth. Some of the technical fabrics that are engineered for warmth are great (like Under Armour Cold Gear; exxy, but sometimes I find them on super sale) and there’s no bulk to them, so you can still wear whatever you like without freezing.

  • le_third

    I have numerous polar fleeces for trips back to NZ – I mostly leave them there now as we have the holiday house by the cold beach – that one image on your post looks very fab n stylish … go on dare you … Wagga is cold enough 🙂 le xox

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