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The Butler’s Pantry

The definition of a butler’s pantry: A service room between a kitchen and dining room, typically equipped with counters, a sink, and storage space for china and silver.

Typically these days it’s a room hidden behind your kitchen to house all the kitchen crap you don’t want out on show! I’ve seen many with and without the sink, so that’s just a personal preference. For me, I use mine as a storage room to contain all the school bags, notes, kitchen appliances, food and anything else!

Have you got a butler’s pantry? Or if you’re renovating or building a new house here are some pictures to inspire you with some tips below…








  • Keep costs down in this area seeing as it’s not on show – you can go for laminate materials in here.
  • Use lots of open shelving.
  • Add a few powerpoints around the benches.
  • Consider putting your fridge and other appliances in here (to keep your main kitchen area more streamlined).
  • Think about good lighting – I have a huge fluro light in mine. It doesn’t need to look good in there, but it certainly makes working in there a treat due to the bright light.
  • Use see-through storage items, like glass jars and containers. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • Store all your big items in there – like platters and bowls.
  • As a general guide, the width of the walk through should be at least 1000mm, then add another 600mm for the benchtops.
  • Install a door so you can close it all off.
  • Are you installing a sink? You’ll need to think about additional plumbing.
  • Consider adding hooks/rails, chalkboard or whiteboard to write shopping lists, or hang school bags.


Here is my kitchen/pantry layout (except I moved the sink to the island)…


And here are some other layout ideas I grabbed (sorry some are so small, you might need to enlarge)…


This has been a fun post to write because I think my own pantry needs a bit of a clean up! So many cool ideas when you get lost on Pinterest. ♥ KC.


  • Jennie

    I so wish I had included a butler’s pantry when we renovated.

  • Lauren

    I love my pantry! Its huge. No sink but nice and big. So glad we added it in. I need that step ladder though
    I use part for office stuff/bills ect as my study is now my massage business room.
    But just love it

  • Trish

    We are putting a butlers pantry in, it will have a sink in it as well as the fridge, open shelving & a little command centre with white board, hooks etc to manage the school/sport/kids life!!

  • Cathy Camera

    Love mine! I have my main sink and a second fridge in there. I also have the big fluoro light on a sensor switch lol and yes it doubles as the place for all the junk

  • Pam Buckle

    Couldn’t be without mine now. It also hides all the kids bags & junk. It’s almost become my office. I put 2nd fridge and a large second sink in there for washing pots.

  • Christine Davie

    What’s your view on sink in island bench vs side bench … I fear I’m getting an expansive island bench that will function only as a dining table and during entertaining and as a dumping space?

    • Katrina (author)

      I have mine in the middle – it works well, although we do sit at the bench more than our dining!

  • Helena

    How narrow can the benchtop be in a small butlers pantry (very similar to your own layout, except open at both ends). Would 400mm benchtop and 900mm for width of walkthrough be enough??

  • Susan Henley

    We have had pantries but nothing like the one in the property we have just bought! Thanks for th great ideas – will be using them when setting up our new butlers pantry.

  • Lisa Dodson

    I’m so excited to see our designer’s take on our Butler’s pantry addition. Floor to ceiling cabinets, travertine flooring to match the kitchen and a butcher’s block top. It’s going to be dreamy!

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