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The Block 2020: Master Bed & WIR reveals

Harry and Tash | Week 3 | Master Bedroom and Walk In Wardrobe

Score 25.5/30
The father and daughter this week pulled the hipages lever because the sheer size of their Master Bedroom and Walk In Wardrobe. The judges really loved what they did this week, it was grand in nature and glamorous. The Grafico wallpaper was on point as was the mirrored TV that Tash chose. They had some criticism with their carpet choice in week one, but Shaynna loved the darker look from Carpet Court in the Master Bedroom. The Walk In Robe had a huge amount of space, the only criticism was the hanging rack was too high.  The beautiful light in the Walk In Wardrobe was a highlight. The Big Ass Fan and Velux skylights also worked. Taking out the win, it was a very happy end to the week for Harry and Tash.
You can shop Harry & Tash’s MASTER BEDROOM here. My favourite is the arch mirror.

Luke and Jasmin | Week 3 |  Master Bedroom and Walk In Wardrobe

Score 25  /30 
The Perth couple have really got their act together in terms of working to the 1910s brief the past couple of weeks. The judges loved what they did with the bay windows and the window seat, a very beachy, coastal Federation style. The four-poster bed was a hit, however once again they were questioned why they didn’t have a king size bed in Brighton.  The styling by Jasmin was praised. However their Walk In Wardrobe let them down. There simply wasn’t enough storage.
You can shop Luke & Jasmine’s MASTER BEDROOM here. My favourite is the palm canvas.

Daniel and Jade | Week 3 | Master Bedroom and Walk In Wardrobe

Score 25/30
Very Hollywood was the feedback from all three judges as Daniel and Jade nailed the 1930s brief this week. The cabinet in the Master Bedroom was simply stunning, as was the floral arrangement that Jade delivered on top of it.  The judges would have liked to have seen a king size bed as this is Brighton, but overall they loved the Master Bedroom. The Walk In Wardrobe had great storage and had that all-important aspect – glamour.  Daniel and Jade are back on track after a tough week in week two on The Block.
You can shop Daniel & Jade’s MASTER BEDROOM here. My favourite is the gold buffet.

Sarah and George | Week 3| Master Bedroom and Walk In Wardrobe

Score 23/30
The stunning restored Ceiling Rose that George dubbed Ceiling Dion was a huge hit with the judges, definitely the highlight this week for Sarah and George. Shaynna loved the bed head that Sarah chose, but the Grafico wallpaper mural overpowered it.   While the Walk In Wardrobe was functional, it lacked a certain amount of glamour that they are looking for in a high end Brighton house. Sarah and George looked despondent as they took in the judges’ feedback, hopefully next week it will all come together for the Western Sydney couple.
You can shop Sarah & George’s MASTER BEDROOM here. My favourite is the bedside table.

Jimmy and Tam  | Week 3 |  Master Bedroom and Walk In Wardrobe

Score 21.5/30
The Queenslanders made a controversial decision that didn’t pay off this week, by having their Walk In Wardrobe next to their Master Ensuite, meaning whoever lives at the house would have to walk through the bathroom to get to the wardrobe. The planning decision wasn’t a hit with the judges … or was the size of their wardrobe. In some positive news, they loved the stunning 1950s inspired bedroom that Jimmy and Tam delivered. Some highlights included the beautiful floor to ceiling fireplace and chimney, the high ceilings, and the very Palm Springs bed. A note also the judges loved Tam’s purchase of the Slim Aarons prints in the bedroom.
You can shop Jimmy & Tam’s MASTER BEDROOM here. My favourite is the wallpaper.

What did you think this week?

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♥ KC.

Images thanks to The Block Shop and nine now.


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    • Katrina (author)

      Yep, if I had time. Ever thought that other sites are copying my content which I receive ahead of the room reveals?? As you were. Find something else to do.

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