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The Block 2020: Hallway, Laundry & Stairs Reveal

Jimmy and Tam  | Week 9 | Hell Week  

Score 28 +1  = 29/30

The married Queenslanders have some stunning individual pieces in their 1950s home on The Block, no more so than the incredible vintage chandelier now on display in their foyer. It was the centrepiece of another very successful week for Jimmy and Tam with the judges. They loved the terrazzo flooring as you enter House No.5, and the panelled door into the laundry.  The colour scheme got another tick from Shaynna, with the same mint green used as their much-loved kitchen.  Add in the MyPlace home automation system, and it was a practically perfect week for Jimmy and Tam.  They are besties with Luke and Jasmin in House No.4, but that didn’t stop them from using the gnome and taking out the win.

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Luke and Jasmin | Week 9 | Hell Week 

Score 28.5/30

The chevron timber flooring had immediate impact for the judges as they walked into beautifully restored door in House No.4.  Then the judges saw the beautiful artwork on both sides of the hallway, and they were sold. After struggling at the beginning to nail the brief of the 1910s house, Luke and Jasmin have come back very strong. In the powder room the beautiful Grafico wallpaper was a standout as was the gold tapware. The sheer size of the laundry is a huge value add to the house. Every week Jasmin researches her styling choices meticulously, and it is paying off. 

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Daniel and Jade | Week 9 | Hell Week 

Score 25 /30 

Vanilla. It’s not a word you want to hear on The Block, and Daniel and Jade certainly didn’t agree with Shaynna’s use of the word when describing their rooms. They loved their Hell Week spaces delivered this week. While Neale and Shaynna thought the spaces were too simple, Darren was the objector,  and was full of praise. He thought the fact the rooms were so simple was infact a good thing, appealing to the Brighton buyer with the auction just a few weeks away.

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Sarah and George | Week 9 | Hell Week     25/30

Sarah and George’s arch steel door, they purchased as part of their Suncorp game changer connecting the old and the new house was simply stunning. Walking into the house the judges loved the two vintage posters that fitted the 1940s era brief perfectly. For once Sarah and George had quite a bit of colour in their spaces but it didn’t pay off, Darren would have liked it to be paired back. The powder room was whimsical, with the Grafico wallpaper once again a standout. The biggest issue the judges had was the spaces didn’t all connect, they could have been from different houses. 

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Harry and Tash | Week 9 | Hell Week  

Score 25/30

The judges entered House No.1 using the facial recognition technology that Harry hopes will appeal to the security conscious Brighton buyer.  It was a dramatic impact almost immediately as they noted more Velux skylights. In total, Harry and Tash have 24 of them in the house. Harry was furious this week as House No.1 was the only house not to get a new door and they had to restore the old one. But Neale was impressed with their restoration efforts, he loved the Viridian glass on the restored door.  Overall though while the judges liked the spaces, they didn’t love them. The laundry could have been more functional and the better artwork choices. Harry and Tash left Scotty’s HQ a bit deflated, is this a sign of things to come?

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What did you think this week?

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♥ KC.

Images thanks to The Block Shop and nine now.

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