Stunning Sunday: A cabin in the snow

Thanks for stopping by today! I found this stunning black cabin which is currently on the market. It’s so cute and styling (and a good price too!). If you love the snow this little gem could be yours.

Bursting with style and sophistication, this quality split-level home is an absolute show stopper. Located at the base of the Alpine National Park, less than 5 minutes to the entry gates of Mt Buller – this prestige residence is an absolute must-see for those seeking a seamless blend of quality lifestyle & prime location. – Agent.

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The home is being sold by John Canavan First National Real Estate. All images are owned by the agency.

Read more about the home here.

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Happy Sunday ♥ KC.

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  • Lily

    This building is soooo stunning. You mentioned the Alpine National Park – so this building is located in Australia, right?
    I share your interest in looking for the apartments and houses listed for rent or on sale be agencies – sommetimes I pick up some design ideas for myself))) My fav is
    And yours is John Canavan First National Real Estate?

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