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Seven Simple Tips for Decorating your Rented Space

Today, people are renting more than ever before. Renting a place has a lot of benefits; great urban locations, a landlord to fix plumbing issues, etc. One of the downsides however to renting a space is that when it comes to design, you get what you get. It can be a challenge to decorate a space that technically isn’t yours.

If you’re someone struggling with how to make your rented space more of your own, then read on and follow our simple solutions that won’t break your lease.

Try Removable Wallpaper

One of the most frustrating aspects of rental units is that most don’t allow you to paint or touch the walls. That’s okay if you like white walls, but for those wishing to bring some colour into these spaces, try removable wallpaper. It can instantly update a room, bringing colour and pattern into a space. When it’s time to move, simply peel and discard. There’s a variety of looks to choose from, so you can find the wallpaper perfect for your space.

Command Strips

To avoid damaging your rented walls with nails, command strips are the perfect solution for hanging art. They can stick and hold items such as picture frames, coat hooks, even plants to your walls. When you’re done, just gently pull them off. How easy is that?

Use Coloruful Décor

Because rentals typically don’t allow you to paint your walls, these can leave a space feeling dull and cold. One way to brighten it up is to add colour through your furniture and décor pieces. A bold coloured couch or vibrant piece of art will help to bring life into your space.

Find Functional Furniture

In rental units, space is usually limited. That is why having furniture pieces that do multiple jobs is a great way to maximize your apartment or rented place. For example, using a chest or trunk as a coffee table brings in more storage options, while a drop-down table can save space while still serving as a spot for meals.

Layering Rugs

Hardwood floors are a preference for most rented spaces. However, you might be stuck with some ugly carpet from 20 years ago. Layering large area rugs will help to hide these unsavoury existing carpets.

Add Plants

Rented spaces can sometimes feel lifeless and cold. Adding house plants adds personality and vibrancy to a space. You can hang them, have them on shelves, or create plant displays. Even if your place doesn’t get the best light, there are low light plants that can help transform your rented space.

Upgrade your Lighting

If you’re looking to invest a bit more in some upgrades to your rented space, try swapping out your light fixtures. While these are more permanent features in your space, most lighting is easy to install and change. Just remember to keep your previous light fixtures to swap them back when you move.

Following these easy tips, you can make any apartment or rented space feel more like home!

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