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Security online + a giveaway

A few months ago Trend Mirco contacted me and asked if I’d like to review their security product and coincidentally my current provider was about to expire. The Universe works in strange ways! The timing couldn’t have been better…

I spend a lot of time online – surprise, surprise! I need to make sure my computer doesn’t get a weird virus and die on me. I also need to make sure my data is safe (like phone numbers, passwords and credit card details). PLUS, I need to make sure my kids are safe when they are surfing around in the internet. If you don’t have proper online security these days you’ve got to be crazy!


Trend Micro Maximum Security and Trend Micro Mobile Security help combat the increasing onslaught of cyber-attacks that are continually placing families at risk when they’re online. The two solutions give you privacy and security across multiple devices (like your laptop, mobile phone and iPad) to provide safe web browsing, guidance on privacy settings for social media, protection from online threats and protecting your information if you lose one of your devices. Parents can rest easier with monitoring control and filter restrictions available for social media and websites.

Background information:

· By using only one device, whether it is a mobile phone or tablet we have access to our emails, downloading apps, browsing social media such as Facebook, playing games, online shopping and surfing the web.

· Cybercriminals are notorious violators of mobile privacy. They can create malicious apps which target your personal details.

· Free, high-risk apps also pose a privacy risk as they can collect all types of data about you from your location, pictures and address book. When downloading apps ensure you close apps when they’re not in use, read app terms and conditions before agreeing to the download to check what information you’re giving them access to.

· When using your mobile devices ensure you control how much information your device shares by changing the privacy and browser settings. Also, regularly clear you mobile browser cache to escape data leakage in case malware tries to search your device for information.

· The information we share on social media websites such as Facebook usually provides the answers to our security questions for personal accounts online to reset passwords.

· Children attempt to hide online activity from parents by using code words to their friends, like POTS (Parents Over The Shoulder) to avoid certain information being read {naughty!}.

· The internet holds a lot of inappropriate content and stranger danger that children should not have access to until they’re old enough to understand what it means.

How’s your computer security after reading the above?

Trend Micro is also running a “What’s Your Story competition?” It’s aimed at encouraging children to share their positive experiences while using mobile devices and the internet. Children ages 8-18 are invited to participate by submitting a poster or a short video describing the benefits of mobile devices to their lives. The competition will run for six weeks and the winners will be selected from a panel of judges with a variety of prizes, including iPads. Check that out!

Would you like to win?

I have 2 x Trend Micro Maximum Security (for desktop) and 2 x Trend Micro Mobile Security (for hand held device).

Just leave me a comment below telling me how you’d benefit from good internet security…

Good luck!

Giveaways are in accordance with my disclosure policy. Giveaway is based on skill. CLOSED – winners in the comments below.


  • Zachery Smith

    We’ve had one previous computer which was attacked,so we had to go and buy a new computer and that’s a pricey thing to do. With new security measures, I don’t want that to happen again and risk personal information going public

  • Kathryn McDonald

    My computer was hacked recently so I need a new Internet Security and I’ve NEVER tried Trend before!!

  • Kylie

    Internet security is my bug bug bear!! I feel like im losing control now with four kids and ipads…ipods…mobiles…it is harder as being rural we rely on internet for lots if transactions andbim a safety gal but now feeling as my parents did when videos and microwaves came about!! Especially with social networking and my kids wanting to hook into these avenues I know little about! So good security snd more knowledge for me is a must!!!

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi Kylie! You’re the winner of a Trend Micro Mobile Security (for hand held device). Can you email your postage details?

  • laura powers

    I have not come across trend before we currently have a laptop at home without any internet security installed as our norton has expired. I run a home business online so security is very important would love to give trend a try I love that it gives you privacy and security across multiple devices.

  • mandachic

    Just what I need!!
    I’d finally feel confident to shop, bank and pay bills on-line. It would definitely be a time saver – no more lining up in queues at the Post Office or bank!

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi mandachic, You’re the winner of a Trend Micro Maximum Security (for desktop). Can you email your postage details?

  • Nicole Kent

    Maternity leave’s almost here
    My desktop’s corrupted with viruses I fear
    Need to stay touch during those nighttime feeds
    Great internet security is just what I need!

  • julie pignataro

    run out of my subscription need a new one. I enter allot of person information online and need to keep it protected and this has been the best software which i found has kept me safe

  • Alisia Cameron

    When I was a teen, the internet was only available as dial-up, on one central computer that located in the main room. My parents could easily monitored our activity to keep us safe. Now enter Wifi and the handheld mobile device, and suddenly the risks to our financial and personal security are practically endless… apps, websites, viruses, trojans… the potential for danger lurks behind the screen, almost undetectable! Trend Micro would give me so much peace of mind in regards to privacy and safety. While it doesn’t replace parental monitoring and education about the dangers of the internet, it would help by protecting us against the stealthy hidden attacks I would never have picked up!

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi Alisia! You’re the winner of a Trend Micro Mobile Security (for hand held device). Can you email your postage details?

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