Roof trusses on and HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!

In my last post I mentioned the hot hot weather. Well during the week we had some HUGE summer storms. Everywhere was flooding! Our back fence fell off, a big pot smashed, the dog ran away…. it was a deluge! So as a result, the roof trusses went onto your house, but not the actual roof. Oh, and the rain didn’t cool the temperature down at all. Today (being Australia Day) is even hotter than last week. We are just about to head off for a swim.

My husband thinking…

Our long hallway. Seems to go on forever – love it!

My babies exploring the new house and where all our things will go. It’s funny to listen to their questions “…will we bring the bath?…will be bring the spoons?…how will the dog get there?”

My windows strewn all over the place!
The front. You can see where my gorgeous double doors will go. The windows across the front all belong to our bedroom. I will put a window canopy over the middle one.
My chairs arrived too! They look good, but will look nicer in the new house. Our bench is tiny at the moment, so they are a bit squashed. The new house has an island that is 3m long.

Decided to make a few treats with the boys to eat. I had an-almost-7 year old that was bored and his behaviour was foul so to change the mood we thought making things together would sort it out. It worked thank goodness!

Katrina x


  • Brit Gal Sarah

    Wow it's really coming along and it looks huge! What fun to get to build your dream home Katrina.

  • Sarah

    Hi Katrina,
    Happy Australia Day!!!
    We had that wild storm down here to, but it did cool things off here thank god!
    The house is comming along nicely, that hallway lools like it just about never ends. It's funny about the questions that kids ask, so cute & innocent.
    I am so glad school goes back on Wednesday, my 10year old is just about doing my head in!!! Bring it ON!
    Sarah xxx

  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    Oh some rain…Lots of rain…Lucky you.
    And lots of action on the house front.
    I want my house bigger and quickley!
    Extension will start this year I hope.
    Chairs are great and the goodies…All lookin good

  • Alison

    Hi Katrina, lucky you – some rain. Send it my way. Looks like we are in for a hot week!! Yuck!
    Such fun for the boys to walk around and see where things are to be in the new house.

  • Ness Lockyer

    It looks great! Yay, you are now feeling you like you have a home I bet.
    Your chairs are lovely. Can't wait to see them at your new bench.
    Ness xx

  • Linda

    Hi Katrina,
    Hasn't the weather been crazy lately, wow your house is really starting to take shape the hallway is huge! The chairs look great can't wait to see more.
    Cheers Linda

  • MelsRosePlace

    Its all coming together!! Sounds like steady progress is happening, love the boys comments especially how will the dog get here. You will have to write down those precious memories. Mel xxx

  • Gail McCormack

    Your house is coming along very well! Love watching the progress.
    Somehow I think you'll be glad when school starts again!

    Katrina it is so so HOT here in Melbourne today 43 deg. plus, with more tomorrow, lots of tired cranky people around at the moment

  • The Rose Room

    looking good, love the bar stools! Rachaelxo

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