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Play Pieces: Macramé plant hangers


Play Pieces are macramé plant hangers designed and hand-crafted in Adelaide, using inspiration from vintage design, yet bringing in modern elements. Macramé is taking on a resurgence in modern interior design, bringing influence and inspiration from the fashion of the sixties and seventies into contemporary design and decor.

They represent one part play-time and two parts retro-reminiscing, with a twist of modern for good measure.

Knotted ropes are used to create interesting shapes that will provide an interesting focal point to hang in your lounge, office or courtyard. Fill your new and beloved macramé hanger with your favourite pot plant, terrarium or vase of flowers.

Play Pieces plant hangers are like the whimsical beauty of a vintage design who’s invited a cooler and more sophisticated modern friend over to play. Oh the mischief those two get up to!

I have the perfect spot for one of these! Heading over to the website now…

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