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Recently I was introduced to the coolest new free web tool on the market for those about to complete a reno or new house build. Clipsal by Schneider Electric has launched a new, home electrical planning tool designed to take the stress out of creating your dream home by giving you complete control of your renovation or new home build. Home electrical planning shouldn’t be a complicated process and that’s why Clipsal has created a new program for you to use. It’s called Clipsal Wishlist. It’s perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors and anything in between!

I have needed this many times over the years! I wish it was around when I built my last house. Only recently did I call the electrician to come back and put another powerpoint in my kitchen island bench. I just didn’t plan it very well from the beginning. This new online program can be used from the comfort of a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The new Clipsal
Wishlist web tool allows you to plan all the products needed for an electrical home makeover, including selecting individual solutions such as light switches, or electrical product packages designed for home safety, convenience, security, entertainment and energy efficiency. Everything is covered! I didn’t realise how many different styles and colours of switches were available? The tool showcases all of these, and you can pick from a rang of colours and configurations to complement your home.

It’s so easy… you can either use an existing room template, upload your own or draw a house plan from scratch. Then you get to select and place products throughout the home (and even track the budget). The plan can then be saved, shared, or returned to any time during the renovation process. To make things even simpler, the web tool is also linked to registered residential electricians
in the local area who can then be contacted directly from the application to bring the dream plan to life! Wow, that’s awesome. You can send it straight off to get a formal quote.
As a homeowner, our nest is probably the most precious thing you can own, so not only does the Clipsal Wishlist web tool help you to take control of your own
electrical needs, but offers inspiration if the dream home vision doesn’t come with the flick of a switch.

When you pop in to the online program you’ll also be offered a gallery of home ideas, designs and templates that show which electrical plans and products work best with various floorplans.

Watch this cool little video which walks you through some of the tool’s features…

I had a poke around. You just need to answer a few basic questions so products can be tailored to your specific needs. I added a plan I liked which was stored on my computer, added a package and got a basic quote…


What do you think? Could this be the most handy web tool you’ll ever be able to use from the comfort of your own lounge room? Get planning now! Visit

Let me know if you give it a go – I’d love to hear!

♥ KC.


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