Perception = reality


Our perception equals our reality.

How we see things is what shapes the actual goings-on. Shift our perception and this will change the outcome.

This little saying had me thinking a bit over the weekend…

I guess it’s similar to the quote “Thoughts become things.” I always remind myself of this quote. When I am unwell I think about being well, when I am strapped for cash I think about having a healthy bank account etc etc…

You always have the choice to change your perception.

We tend to give so much energy to things we cannot control. Like being stuck in traffic, or the supermarket line when you’re running late, or being sick. From a young age we have been taught to label things good or bad. We’ve perceived a situation, labelled it and stuck with those feelings. We learn how to do this and store data before the age of 7 and we learn from an early age how to perceive things and react to events (this is another blog post for another day as I am a big believer in what we teach/show our children from the ages 0-7 – and especially the same sex parent – shapes our children in a big way). I believe if we change that perception we can also change our future.

So if we are complaining about our job, our marriage, our money, our weight, we need a game plan. You always need a strategy and/or the mindset to accept the things you cannot control. Those that can successfully do this are always more grounded and seem so much more in control. I always try to look at the positive and not the negative. I do this all the time when I am unwell. I don’t dwell on the fact that I am sick, I always talk myself out of it and say it could be worse. I also could not control the outcome of The Block. This was a huge event in my life and one that I will mark as a bigger than big. I hated every bit about the outcome. It makes me ill thinking about it. And people want to talk about it all the time. But I’ve learnt to shift my perspective and run with the positive. The negative will just swallow me up.

I also think it’s a saying that goes will with “Fake it until you make it.” I guess we all do that at some stage in our lives. We have to! I watch bloggers who are great at doing this, and it works a treat in blogland. You’ve got to do this every now and then, it’s a great way to get ahead. Perceive yourself as being awesome and people will believe it.

The image comes from this story where we all have a good and bad wolf inside us. Which wolf will you feed? The good or the bad?

How’s your perspective lately? Can you change how you think about things? 


  • Helen Jaman

    "Thoughts become things" is so true…only recently I was experiencing a bit of a bumpy road to say the least…the more I thought about how bad it was and how bad it was going to get only made me feel worse both mentally and physically….in turn everything around me was being affected…I forced myself to change my perspective and focus on the good…to find the good and remind myself it could always be worse and even if we hit 'the worse' we would make it ok…it was only until then I saw things were not so bad the future has become so much brighter and I'm excited for what's to come!

  • Chrissie

    Hi Katrina,

    Wow, deep reading with my cuppa for a Monday morning!!!! I practice a lot of CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy). I have a book titled Change Your Thinking, and it teaches you howntonpractice these skills.
    Our family has lots going on daily here….a husband battling a chronic illness now for four years, and a child with Aspergers, so I am teaching myself to look at the glass half full rather than half empty.
    It really is a mind over matter situation, but some days, it does all get a bit much and it becomes easy to view that glass half empty and wonder ‘why me?’, but then I soon snap out of these negative thoughts and think ‘this could be much worse’, and get back to my CBT thinking……
    Don’t worry about the negatitives of The Block……if people are kicking you in the bum, they are obviously behind you!!!!!!!!
    Happy Monday!

  • Deborah O'Brien

    The Block may not have had the best outcome for you, and I was so sad for you, BUT we may never have met you and your blog had it not been for the show so that's a good thing! I admire your strength and this may have been just what I needed to hear today, thank you x.

  • Katrina Chambers

    I'm happy to hear to you got through the tough time Helen. Onwards and upwards! X

  • Katrina Chambers

    Thanks for your kind words Deborah! X

  • Deborah O'Brien

    You're very welcome x

  • Miranda Wozniak

    Absolutely my favourite blog post. I really need to remember this. Perspective and positivity are my way forward. ♡ Thanks K. ♡

  • Alicia Chambers

    Very relevant words for me right now Katrina! We are juggling a stressful renovation, study and work amongst all the other stuff life throws at you…. But your post reminded me I am a firm believer in choosing your attitude, and making positive perception become reality… It is just what I needed right now… Thankyou. Ps: awesome last name 🙂

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