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Officeworks: Master your workspace

Brought to you by Officeworks.

Who doesn’t love a good clean up, cull, or a spruce up? I love being productive in my home office and whilst it’s pretty new, it still ends up full of junk! I also have a corner in it which always looks horrible. Officeworks asked me if I’d like to freshen it up leading in to the new Financial Year. Yes! Of course I’d love the chance to give it the once-over. At the start of a new financial year, most people have an innate need to feel/get organised (me!) and by doing this there is a sense of setting your new financial year on the right track. With a few items, a more streamlined look and good cull, Officeworks helped me achieve new organisational goals.

Here’s a few before photos…

It’s a bit under-dressed in parts… very uninspiring.


…And here is my new ‘corner’…


I bought the most gorgeous new A4 mini filing cabinet in aqua – I am in love! It’s so cute and has little drawers for me to file any bills, invoices or medical notes in them. You can see more of them here in other colours and sizes.

I grabbed a couple of extra stools too. My boys like to come in here to play the computer, or watch what I am doing, or colour in, so the extra seating will come in handy. The Novara steel stool also comes in additional colours to match your decor.

I’d also been hanging out for a new printer. I’ve always wanted my home office to be very streamlined, so I grabbed this wireless HP Deskjet Multifunction printer (in white of course to match!). It scans and prints with no visible cords on display (I do have a power point behind the printer which is also out of sight).


Officeworks has colourful ways to personalise your workspace without it looking boring and too professional. I like a bit of flare!


If you’re in need of a new desk, you can easily check out Officework’s huge range and team it with a funky chair and filing system to refresh your whole office.



I’ve also made a gallery wall with polaroid images and inspiring quotes I found online. You can collect similar ones and get them printed yourself at Officeworks’ Print & Copy service. Take the hard work out of ordering by using their online DIY service.





I topped up our selection of coloured pencils, textas and pens. Stationery always goes AWOL here! Ha. It’s a mystery sometimes. 😉


Officeworks has free delivery on orders over $55, as well as longer opening hours, plus you can browse and purchase online with more than 20,000 products 24/7. I recommend you browse online too before you visit so you can have your inspiration ready to go. To browse Officeworks’ widest range of office supplies, tech and furniture at the lowest prices, head to

To help you on your way, and encourage you to declutter and master your own workspace for the new Financial Year I am giving one lucky reader a $100 Officeworks voucher.
In order to enter you just have to tell me:

How will you master your workspace with Officeworks?

To share your own workspace inspiration, join in the conversation with #MasterMyWorkspace.

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  • Chris Robinson

    Looks great, I have been eyeing off those little filing drawers for a while.

  • Julie Harvey

    I’ve just got to keep on top of the paper!!!! Going to the website now to checkout those awesome file drawers! I need a chair too, dragging one over from the dining table doesn’t really cut it

  • Niss Sheedy-Kean

    Katrina, I love the filing cabinet. I am looking for a better system for keeping documents. Unfortunately I am unable to find them on the Officeworks website. Can you please indicate the colours they are available in and the price? TIA

  • Bec H

    The wireless printer is the way to go! No more trying to hide cables and keep them out of reach from little monkeys! That and one of those gorgeous A4 filing drawers would set me up perfectly!

  • Kelli-Anne Woodford

    I would invest heavily in those filing draws. They look fantastic for all the bits of paper that need a home!! I’d also check out their other storage solutions (cabinets). Storage makes me happy………..

  • Susan Blesing

    Oooh…motivated to have a complete ‘spring clean’ office makeover! Hoping to secure a little more space just for me. The small filing cabinet will be perfect for all those pending payments and everything else requiring attention…sold! 😉 Oh…and I’m loving the white ‘wireless’ printer.

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi Susan, you’ve been chosen as the winner of the $100 voucher from Officeworks! Can you email me your postage details? X

  • Donna

    Absolutely LOVE the little filing drawers, which also come in 10 drawers, but simply CANNOT justify the cost for something so small 🙁 Your office looks great. Nice and bright.

  • Tamara

    The extra stools are a great idea and I agree with you totally about the little people hovering around! The mini stools would be perfect for little bottoms!! I would also buy myself a set of expensive coloured pencils and I would splash the rest of the cash on notebooks. storage and more frames for all my prints that seem to keep ‘falling’ into my letterbox!!! Thanks for sharing your great space! It looks fab!

  • Mel Dosser

    Love the mini filing cabinet..i have a metal locker in the same colour ..might have to check that out !! 🙂

  • clare bower

    I love the filing drawers too maybe good looking stuff would be the inspiration I need to stay organised.

  • Michelle and Steve Ball

    My printer is broken, i loved those filing cabinets ages ago, and we still havent built the study yet, so will get these anyway.. thanks for the heads up

  • Michelle and Steve Ball

    My printer is broken, i loved those filing cabinets ages ago, and we still havent built the study yet, so will get these anyway.. thanks for the heads up

  • Erin Drummond

    I have recently changed careers and become a sign language interpreter. It is like working for myself so I will need lots of trays and filing systems to keep my time sheets organised. I would also add lots of colour! As a sign language interpreter, the unofficial uniform is black so I would use my home office to satisfy my colour thirst!

  • claireyhewitt01

    I have a corner of a main room, I want to get the little desk from office works in yellow – just $39, and then it won’t have space for people to dump things on it. Then I will grab some funky filing trays/drawers to sit beside it and add a pin board to the wall and a really simple chair so that you barely notice it – actually, maybe the stool you have would be even better.
    Love it.

  • somethinggorgeous

    I seem to spend half my life at Officeworks, there is always something I or someone in my family needs. I really need to give my office space a makeover and have been eyeing off some pretty cool things at Officeworks. I need to start with their mix and match desk tops (online only), as my desk at the moment is chipped and scratched. Then I need some storage, will probably buy the mobile filing drawer in white (because I’m boring) and of course I’ll buy ink…we always need more printer ink, I swear someone drinks the stuff! xT

  • Nicola Hardaker

    Have you announced the winners of the Chalk Paint competition?

  • Erica

    Hi Katrina, I love the prints on your office wall and I’m planning to do something similar – could you possibly tell me what you chose to have them printed on? Paper? Photo paper? Matt? Gloss? gsm?
    Thank you!

  • Trish

    Hi Katrina,

    can I ask how I can go about copying your desk? I have almost a replica space like your picture and I love your idea!

    Thank you

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