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Office cord storage

Hi! I was going over some old blog posts and I remembered I wrote a post in 2011 about where I hid my cords in my then home office. I thought I would share a couple of these ideas with you! If you HATE cords (like me), then you’re always searching for ways to hide them. I always find a way! No need for cords to be laying around 😉




As you can see from the photos above, I had a lot of messy cords hanging around (mind you, since then, we have less cords with lots of wi-fi, but you get the idea!). I bought a white storage box from Officeworks, cut the side out (so the cords could breathe) and tucked everything in to it neatly. Then I stacked it back on the desk with the cut-out facing away and no one knew they were in there! They were out of sight. I also had the power point moved up under the desk.

In my current home office, I have another system…


Again, the power point is up high. Getting a power point moved is not a hard job at all! Get an electrician to do it of course. It’s much easier to move the power point UP, instead of down (as they only have to shorten the wires – not extend). Underneath my desks (I have 3 work stations) I have these little white shower caddy’s which stick to the top of the desk and tucked inside are any cords. You can only see them if you bend down low, but standing back everything looks seamless. #happywiththat

I went looking on Pinterest for some other ideas…








Aren’t some of these ideas just great? And ALWAYS poke things through the walls if you can. I have all my tv’s mounted on the walls with no cords in view. We don’t even own a DVD player – it’s all wi-fi here. Cord-a-phobe much?? 😉

Long weekend project anyone? Put this on your to-do list!


  • Jen

    Hi Katrina, how do u find the eames replica chair? I love them but worry they’ll be too low for our new dining table. Cheers x

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi Jen, Actually I was having this discussion with my friend the other day and I thought they would be too low for a dining table. I know they’d be too low for mine. It depends on the height of your table I guess. Hope that helps a bit! X

      • Jen

        It does, thanks 🙂 x

  • Fabian Jonas

    Hi Katrina,

    Glad to have this post!

    You have shared such great ideas about office cord storage. The best solution is to have adequate office storage if you have office. Its quite elegant and the most important thing I love the picture of office storage which you have shared in your post. Thanks for sharing this loving post!!
    Keep share more!
    Fabian Jonas

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