Nobody mentioned it…


This parenting gig isn’t easy is it? Nobody warned me that you’d be riding their highs and lows like they are your own. Nobody mentioned that you start a new personal journey when they start to grow up. I am living in the moment and I’m living in their emotions.

When they do something good, I’m feeling it. When they aren’t you’re disappointed. The wave of emotions have been getting stronger in our house as my boys grow up. When they were little I never felt these added emotions. I now feel like I am forever speaking, and giving advice and fixing and frowning and then cheering. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and no one could tell you that until you’re in it and living it. And when they’re not doing what you want them to do and you’ve said everything you need to say, it won’t matter any way, because they will only ever remember how I acted, how I deal with things and how they felt. They won’t hear you, they’ll just know the actions… and how hard is it to know whether you’ve taught the right thing or not?

I’m feeling proud of my kids and am feeling so many new emotions. I was talking with my friends about this recently and I wasn’t alone. We all have kids turning 12 and 13 and they’re feeling these emotions! It’s a wild ride, but I’d never swap it. I’m learning as I go…

What’s your best pre-teen parenting advice?


  • Chrissie Taylor

    Yep totally agree! I still have a 5 & 6 year old, and it is heartbreaking when they haven’t been invited to something, or aren’t able to do what others are doing. Kinder commenced this year which has been another major turn of events….letting go of the apron strings and being there for the highs and lows.

  • Ron McLeod

    Katrina Mc Donald 🙂

  • Catherine McCormack

    Mine are 23, 19 and 16…. Don’t think it’s going to stop any time soon…. It’s one hell of a ride but worth every minute invested into their future selves… Enjoy 🙂

  • KL

    Advice? Be forgiving of them and of yourself. You are all learning how to deal with ‘this’. And be united with your partner. Disagree behind closed doors and show a joint decision. Oh, good cop / bad cop can work too. Eeeek! Each to their own. Good luck. X

  • Susan Blesing

    I’m in admiration of your continuous growth and survival 😉 when it comes to raising your three, along with everything else going on around you. I believe there are no ‘perfect’ rules and it is a matter of doing your very best at the time. I’m sure you have been advised by others who know…it is all about the phases…completing one and moving on to the next. It certainly isn’t easy, but as Catherine has said…it’s worth every minute invested. From an outsiders view…you’re doing great…just look after yourself as well. x

  • Yvette Wilson

    Advice for those early teenage years, don’t sweat the small stuff. Does it really matter that he hasn’t made his bed today? ( This means you don’t have to go off like a popper all the time and I feel like I do all the time). Also tween/teen boys learn a lot from consequence, for e.g if you don’t make your bed like I asked you then no play station tonight. Good luck xo Yvette

  • Carla

    I never would have thought it would be this hard! These emotions and experiences just hit home here real bad, this is exactly how I feel Katrina! I have teenage daughters (14) and this year has been the most emotionally draining I have ever experienced and it’s not about to end I suspect… Give me toddlers anyday!

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