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Modern Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Feel like bringing some of your favourite beach holidays home with you? Why not consider a coastal themed bedroom? Modern coastal themed bedrooms are stylish, simple and calming. Bring the beach inside with a palette of blues, whites and sea greens paired perfectly with timber and texture.







Here a some tips I think are important when putting together a modern coastal themed bedroom –

  • Colours – lots of whites, beige and sandy colours should be your base. Then add in different coloured blues, mint greens and turquoises for colour. And don’t be afraid to mix these together as well.
  • Patterns and art – don’t be intimidated to use bold patterns in your cushions or art. Stick to blue hues and these pieces will create visual interest in an otherwise neutral room.
  • To ensure that your bedroom remains modern, choose furniture that has lovely clean lines. Mixed with the earthy timber tones and rough edges of coastal decor, it will be the perfect balance.
  • Create texture throughout the room with the use of floor rugs, cushions, linen and wall hangings. Use baskets for storage and clear glass lamps to balance out the wood. Pair elegant pieces on weathered wood furniture for the coastal contrast that is so popular with this style.
  • Keep your decor pieces simple, for an effortless and elegant beach inspired bedroom.

As with all decorating, have fun with your space and be sure in inject a bit of your personality into the room as well!

Happy styling!



  • Donna

    Love, love, love. I have the Driftwood Interiors prints from the first pic. Very pretty and a bargain to boot. Bookmarking this post. Could you do one on modern coastal living areas or kitchens?

  • Lauren

    Stunning images Katrina. Photographic art also looks fab in Modern Coastal Bedrooms. We have some stunning giclee prints.

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