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Making my workspace inspiring and motivating

Brought to you by Officeworks.

We spend around a third of our lives at work. But if you work from home like me, then you probably feel like you work much longer than that. I am always trying to make my workspace inspiring and motivating. After all, it’s probably one of the most used rooms in our house.

Often we don’t consider how our working environment can affect our productivity and personal energy each day. To help combat the negative side-effects of a dull and uninspiring workspace, Officeworks wants to inspire Australians to rejuvenate their workspace by setting up, decluttering and personalising their own work environment for success. I am always up for that challenge!

Last week I headed to my local Officeworks to grab some ergonomic products. I felt like it was time to give this space a new vibe. I knew I wanted some comfy seating so that was on the top of my list! Here’s a before shot of the chair I was using…

And after…

I grabbed 2 of these very stylish Franklin high back ergonomic swivel chairs. I just love them! They are comfortable, supportive and I can adjust the height to suit. Sometimes I can sit here for up to 6 hours solidly, and now with this new seating arrangement, I am finding my posture and comfort greatly improving. Plus I am not losing focus as often because I’m not shuffling around getting a sore back!

Don’t I look comfy?!

Rejuvenating your work environment with ergonomic furniture can not only provide great comfort benefits, but also set up a more motivating and inspiring workplace. So, knowing this, I decided to also give a Wynston Sit Stand Desk a whirl. I have a 3rd workspace in my home office which is generally used as a dumping ground, but thought one of these ergonomically designed desks would suit a laptop area as you can easily set it up on top of a desk and make height adjustments to suit your needs. I can quickly come in and out of the office to answer emails and check things. I can stretch my legs and not feel like I am chained to the chair for hours on end. It’s also great for those who need to alternate between sitting and standing while working. I have really been enjoying this alternative.

By adding a few new stylish and functional pieces of furniture from Officeworks, I feel much more inspired to head into the home office and tackle my work. I will say, being school holidays, I’ve had to fight the boys to use the computers. They won’t get out of the chairs!!

TIP – An inspiring workspace can make you feel more inspired, so if your workspace isn’t making you feel good, change it – with some stylish new furniture from Officeworks. Because when you rejuvenate your workspace, you feel good inside.

Officeworks can help people get their workspace working better because it offers the widest range of filing and organisation products, stylish stationery to suit everyone’s unique needs, storage products including digital storage, latest tech and stylish furniture. To browse Officeworks’ products or to find a store near you visit their website today.

Happy shopping! ♥ KC.

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