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Living/Dining/Bathroom + we say goodbye to Josh & Jenna and Kyal & Kara on Reno Rumble

We say goodbye to Josh & Jenna and Kyal & Kara on Reno Rumble this week…. awwww! And they were smashing it too! What a great job they did and some fantastci homes were tranformed. So proud of them.

Let’s look at Josh and Jenna’s understated and elegant living and dining area with wow-factor….

Team_wk5_r2_livedine000_366 Team_wk5_r2_livedine001_314 Team_wk5_r2_livedine002_315 Team_wk5_r2_livedine003_326 Team_wk5_r2_livedine004_322 Team_wk5_r2_livedine005_318 Team_wk5_r2_livedine006_319 Team_wk5_r2_livedine007_320 Team_wk5_r2_livedine008_321 Team_wk5_r2_livedine009_327 Team_wk5_r2_livedine010_323 Team_wk5_r2_livedine012_325 Team_wk5_r2_livedine021_333 Team_wk5_r2_livedine022_316 Team_wk5_r2_livedine026_337

That room is so beautiful and serene. I wouldn’t mind sharing a coffee in there!

Below we have Kyal and Kara’s kitchen -clean with personality…

KK_wk5_r2_kitchen000_391 KK_wk5_r2_kitchen001_384 KK_wk5_r2_kitchen002_381 KK_wk5_r2_kitchen006_389 KK_wk5_r2_kitchen011_399 KK_wk5_r2_kitchen012_377 KK_wk5_r2_kitchen014_395 KK_wk5_r2_kitchen015_378 KK_wk5_r2_kitchen020_400 KK_wk5_r2_kitchen022_392

What a light and bright kitchen with just that perfect touch of warmth.

Lastly, we have Josh & Jenna bathroom masterpiece with this stunning egg shaped bath…

JJ_wk5_r2_bath000_311 JJ_wk5_r2_bath001_305 JJ_wk5_r2_bath004_293 JJ_wk5_r2_bath005_294 JJ_wk5_r2_bath007_296 JJ_wk5_r2_bath014_308 JJ_wk5_r2_bath015_302

I’m sad the ride is all over for these 2 couples, they really do know their design! I’ve loved seeing what they come up with each week.

I’ll post pictures from the last couples standing – Jess & Ayden and Carly and Leighton too.

Who will win? It’s almost that time again!

♥ KC.


  • Jay Kaye

    This area was stunning and the kitchen to die for!!!. There wasn’t a thing I would change – so deserved a win for this one 🙁

  • Kellie Anderson

    I think the red team was ripped off. Their house was stunning. I hope Aiden and Jess win.

  • Tracy

    Absolutely stunning. The living area is perfection. Perfectly styled. This would have been my winning house and the home owner’s reaction was a winner too!!!

  • Kathy

    Loved this house much better than the other teams. Do you happen to know how I can find out what wall colour they used in the main living areas?

  • Pauline

    Could you post more photos of the laundry butlers pantry as I would love to see how this works with a fridge in there as well. Thanks

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