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Let’s talk about CBD oil

CBD oil…. Yep, let’s chat about that. Since before Christmas I’ve been talking Cannabidiol Oil. Full disclosure. I am no expert, no medical professional, and I am not a recreational drug taker. Never have been. But I’m all for medicinal products to help me. I’m proactive.

Background – I’ve had extremely complex Crohn’s Disease since I was a teen. Two years ago I was forced (and willing) to have a permanent colostomy bag (with a full proctectomy still ahead of me), so I’ve been living a life of medication for a long time. And that medication hasn’t always helped, nor have I been willing to settle into them. I’ve had many side effects from them too.

After my surgery I was so well for about 18 months… then slowly the Crohn’s symptoms started coming back. It was mostly my joints that suffered, along with body fever.

Anyway, I went and saw my specialist like a good girl. Had a bunch of tests and basically was told let’s try yet another immuno-suppressant drug (this was a new one because I’d done all the others). I told him I was going to hold off because I’ve been doing some research on CBD oil. I wanted to try it. I’m 42 years old and I’m educated, so I wanted to make some choices. He just said “Katrina, you do what helps you, but you know if you can’t get well again, I’ll insist you come back here…” I made a deal.

And then before you knew it, the CBD oil was in my house and off I went. I will say this is a product that has no THC. So of course I can drive, I don’t get high, there’s no sleepy agents, there’s nothing that makes me feel different.

Six months went by and without any doctor prescribed drugs all my symptoms went. Completely gone. I was absolutely gobsmacked.

But then… COVID happened, and I didn’t order enough CBD oil and I had to go 4 weeks without it because of the postage services. Almost instantly all my symptoms came back. I was sick again. And struggling big time.

But it was a good thing. Because how could I 100% say CBD oil was helping me unless I went off it to see what happened?

Anyway, the CBD oil arrived and I started taking again. Slowly again I am improving. I wouldn’t say I’m back to being 100% well just yet. But I haven’t had to go back to my doctor.

I’m NOT saying I won’t ever have to go back on immuno-suppressants. I will if I have to. But I do know I won’t ever go without that CBD oil again. It’s not a cure, but it has helped relieve a lot of my symptoms.

I have a lot to learn and I’m willing to learn more. Go talk to your own doctor before you take anything new.

This is just my personal experience. Not advice.


  • Deb Drayton

    Your struggles are huge, your strength and determination is amazing, use what works,

  • Suzanne sheerin

    Hi, would it be possible to message you about something please.

    I’m 2 1/2 years post cancer treatment with some long term side effects that might benefit from CBD oil.


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