Kyal and Kara are doing great things!

Hi there! Today I wanted to share photos from the house Kyal and Kara renovated and then sold in 2015 at auction. You may have seen these pics before, but I just love the kitchen, so thought I would share it again! Thanks to Kara for sending me the photos and a blurb about their journey…


In February, 2008 we bought our first home. Our goal was always to have a beautiful home by the sea. Having scoped the market for about a year, we found the one!

This was not our dream home by any stretch of the imagination and neither was it by the sea but we knew it was a stepping-stone in the right direction. A little fibro shack on a beautiful 714sqm block. There was nothing special about the house except for the fact that (along with the bank), we now owned it! We saw potential to renovate and extend and create a beautiful family home (for someone else).  

We started with a small cosmetic Reno of the existing home, to make it livable and comfortable. We were, however, conscious of not spending too much until we had the overall plans -so as not to waste valuable funds.


We had began sketching up ideas for a renovation to turn our little shack into a four bedroom home with a study and two living areas, including a master bedroom wing. Don’t get me wrong, we had big plans but no idea how we were going to pay for them! We thought it best to set ourselves the goal, work towards the challenge and were determined to achieve what we set out to do knowing that it wasn’t going to happen overnight. We had our plans drawn up by a draftsman and because it was a complying development we submitted to a private certifier as opposed to going through council, which can be a bit more time consuming. When our plans had been approved and it was time to begin our structural renovation, we had been living in the home almost one year. We had the home revalued, and borrowed an extra $30,000, which we would use, along with a small amount of savings, to go towards our renovations.

Towards the end of 2013 we had finished our renovation and spent three months travelling South America and upon return we were ready for a new challenge! After our Block experience, we came home and completed the final piece of the puzzle – updating the kitchen. 

In April 2015, whilst we were down in Melbourne filming for Reno Rumble, we auctioned off our beautiful home.  The end of a fun, challenging and rewarding chapter in our lives and the start of many more renovations.

Here are the finished photos…

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.25.21 am

back deck 2






Kyal and Kara have a new website which will be fully launched soon, but you can see a teaser here Can’t wait to see their new reno (which is currently under construction!). You’ll see more snippets via their Instagram.

Thanks Kyal and Kara for sharing your journey with us today! ♥ KC.


  • Chris R

    Kyal and Kara are very talented and this home is stunning, I love absolutely everything about it. My favourite thing about The Block is all the fabulous people they discover and we all get to know them as well. (Just like you K 🙂 )

  • Mel Champion

    Just love their style – this house is stunning!!!!

  • Jessica Pickering

    Gavin Dirk Muller love the kitchen, wooden floorboards & the shower

  • Sarah

    Wow, it’s stunning!

  • Carmella Mehmet

    They did the design of house they were wonderful so generous with their time etc,

  • Ashlea @ Glamour Coastal Living

    I absolutely love K&K and their style. I would move into this home in a heartbeat – I have featured it before on my blog too. I cannot get enough of their style!!

  • Rachael

    Been an avid fan of these two and they are proof of what you can do with a little care, love and art.

  • Jo

    Could you tell me what the material is for the island bench

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