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Do you know how to create a newsletter?

I’ve been loving Mailchimp so much lately. I was a little late to the game (as in, I only decided how awesome it was about a year ago)…

The best way to get directly to your audience is through their inbox. So, the idea is to collect subscribers and occasionally send them a newsletter.

I have been doing all of The Block Shop‘s newsletters since it opened last year. When the show is airing I do 1-2 newsletters a week and when it’s off air I do them fortnightly. We’ve got a great little system where the girls at The Block Shop send me the images and text and I make up the newsletter in Mailchimp, create slides for the website home page and a Facebook cover photo. They proof it and it all goes live very quickly. We’ve mastered it!

I also send out my own newsletter for my blog and The Media Maid.

Have you got a newsletter set up? Are you grabbing subscribers?

Here’s some of the recent stuff…




If you want to learn how to use Mailchimp yourself I teach you it all in my e-course. OR, if you want a system like The Block Shop, just email me and I can do them for you – so easy and no hassle!

Have a great day! KC.

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