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Just stuff {& my kitchen}

Currently I have an unnatural obsession with cabanossi and marshmallows (nope, not pregnant). I just need to have them.

I had a busy weekend. Working, eating Chinese (which was foul by the way), sipping vodka (and beer – problem? Not much!)….Oh and painting! I will reveal the new painted stuff during the week. My husband is soooooo good. He did most of it for me, because well ummmmm….I was bringing home the bacon (so to speak).

Thought I would leave you with some pictures of my kitchen for now.


  • Siobhan

    Are you sure you are not pregnant??? Hmm???

    Your kitchen is just beautiful.

  • Gail McCormack

    Hi Katrina

    I'm in love with your kitchen – clean, clutter free, yet welcoming

    lots of envy from me over here!

  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    Love the tin Splashbacks…Love the stools…Yep love it all!

  • Paint Me White

    Katrina, your kitchen is divine. Love that cabanossi too "mild" please.

  • Ness Lockyer

    Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the tile you have chosen and your stools.
    Ness xx

  • Alison

    So beautiful and clutter free!!! How dod you do it???
    Love the pressed tin splashback and your gorgeous stools
    Think you need to go get a Pregnancy Test kit!!LOL Mmmmm..strange food fetish

  • Anna See

    what a soothing kitchen!

  • The Rose Room

    my fave part of your kitchen is the well stocked wine rack – lol!!! Rachaelxo

  • Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog

    aww i love love love your kitchen and those scroll stools also the pic above of your baby.They grow up so fast and then they are gone and like me you look at those old photos and wonder where your babies went,

  • A-M

    Oh those metal tiles….. and the chairs… be still. heart. A-M xx

  • Country Girl

    Hi Katrina,
    Can you please call me I am the Editor of Australian Country Collections magazine and I would love to talk to you regarding the possibility of featuring your home in our magazine.
    My number is (02) 4758 8796
    Donna Macpherson

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