It’s been almost a week since we moved in…

Happy Easter everyone! I am so sorry I haven’t been around much this past week, but I have been so busy (and loving it!). I wake at 4am most mornings ready to bounce out of bed and get going. A change of scenery has definitely motivated me. I am looking forward to the 4 day break though. Having my husband home is very handy. He’s been busy at work all week and I need him here to paint stuff, rearrange furniture, organise the garage (haha!). Lucky he loves me!

Have you ever moved house? I am sure you have. So, you’ll know that when you move suddenly all your furniture is wrong and nothing matches anymore?  Yep, that’s what I’m facing. I have been holding on to a heap of furniture, and I sort of knew it wouldn’t fit in the house, but I wanted to keep it just to be sure. This meant that my husband and his mates moved it all here for me… I’ve tried the furniture everywhere in the house and now I need to get rid of it. My husband is doing the “I told you to get rid of it months ago” thing. Goddamn, why is he ALWAYS right? Lucky he laughs at me and doesn’t get angry. Sooooo, this means I am furiously selling stuff, piling things in to corners to donate and some of it is going to the tip. I’ve made extra work for myself (as usual!). Oh, and then to top it off, I decided mid-week that 2 of my children should swap rooms because their furniture would look better swapped over. The kids didn’t care, but I want it to be right! Speaking of kids, did you see my instagram and the wall map mural we put up? I’ll blog that room when I have finished styling it. I am very happy with it!

{See! I have had all of this in storage for 2 years – I need to sell & donate I think!}

Amie is coming over on Sunday and I am dying for her to get here. I need her styling expertise. She bought me this from Freedom too (we don’t have a Freedom shop in Wagga), so I can’t wait to see it. I’ve only ever seen it online, so I hope it’s good. She says it is, and she has good taste (you should see HER house).

I’ve also ordered some wallpaper samples for my entry. I can’t wait to get that going. AND I am still waiting for a piece of glass to be cut for the pallet coffee table I made. I also need a big banner from here to finishing my dining area off. I’ll organise that next week.

But of course, I can’t buy new stuff for my house when I can’t work properly… this leads me to my next complaint! This would only happen to me, but apparently Telstra can’t find some sort of underground pit (that should have been put here by the developer as we are in a new housing subdivision) to connect up my internet. After 500 phone calls, and people not really helping me, I had to buy one of those USB sticks to get some internet. I am sure this problem with Telstra won’t be fixed in a hurry but I need to WORK for money! I have told them this 100 times and hopefully next week they at least tell me what’s happening and how long it will take.

Speaking of working and how a change of scenery gets the creative juices flowing – did you know that The Media Maid’s Blog Academy starts on Monday? I have 20 eager ladies and we all can’t wait to get started. You’ll see me share some of their blogs and I’ll have a hashtag relating to them in my tweets over the coming weeks. I am really excited about it!

On that note, if you want to work with me ie. on this blog or UNDER 100 DOLLARS, I have updated my media kit, so feel free to email me about that. I’ll still be blogging my heart out about the house and how I style it, so I hope you keep coming back to watch it all come together 🙂

Have a great Easter break everyone! I’m not sure if I’ll get back here to blog again until next week, so I hope the Easter Bunny comes to you! X


  • Tegan

    Yay cant wait to have an online tour of your house it already looks amazing. Rug looks awesome we are in the middle of extensions and I’m on the look out for oversized rugs. A really big round one would be fun any ideas where to find them ??

    P.s I need to be at that sale to dive on those pink scales

  • Dale

    I just moved a week and a half ago and we are still waiting on Telstra to connect our phone and internet which was meant to be done the day we moved. Hopefully Telstra moves abit faster for you!

  • Toni

    Hi Katrina I have loved Watching your house come together, as we are building too. We are up to painting and I want to do white, but there are soo many! Was just wondering what white you used? Did you do your ceilings, doors and trim in the same colour? 🙂

    • Katrina

      All the same paint! Taubmans white. Flat white for ceiling, semi-gloss for walls and gloss for trims 🙂

      • Toni

        Thanks for that 🙂 been out today getting more samples!! Did you mean the builders white or just white?
        P.s didn’t know there was a difference! I

  • brismod

    There is nothing better than the excitement of setting up a new home. Can’t wait to read more about what you have planned for your place. Also I’m going to need your services soon to give my bloggy a small facelift, so will email you over the weekend. Enjoy your days with your hubby slave. xx

  • sweetness

    Can’t wait to see it! New houses are so exciting! Have fun unpacking and reorganising!

  • Kristie

    Some of those little bits and pieces on your table can be up cycled Katrina, trust me I can see the potential and you could dip them or spray them to suit your colour pallet. I can tell you the best paint to use etc…….no undercoat if your interested. I am so excited for you I love this part. Looking forward to seeing your map room.

    • Katrina

      Ok let me know what paint! Yes!

  • Kim @ featherandnest

    So exciting to be in your new home. We’ve moved into ours a few months ago and as fun as it was it’s also been stressful trying to fit everything in {it was a down size}. Garage sales are good!! LOL Love that round rug. I’m thinking of getting one myself:) Will look forward to seeing the colour a little bit more closely. Is it more grey or beige???
    Enjoy your new nest:) x

  • Amanda

    So excited for you Katrina and can’t wait to see the interior of your new place take shape 🙂 Love the rug too. Enjoy your Easter weekend xx

  • Tahlia

    Can’t wait to see more pics! Have a great Easter – can we see pics of amies house!? It sounds like she has nice taste as well!

  • Ian Ace Espinosa

    Just enjoy designing and arranging things in your new home. I know everything will be alright especially with the help of your handy and loving husband. Good luck to you both!

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