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I have a frame!

Garage – looks like a nice view off the back of our alfresco (until someone else builds us in!)

The gang checking things out.
More timber.

We have our frame up! Yay!!! Gee I was happy to see that happening yesterday. They don’t muck around with it… it was done by lunch.

So last night we got to finally walk through it and imagine all the rooms and where everything would go. My husband found it hard to imagine the size of the rooms just by looking at the plan so he was happy to see the house was big! He sort of leaves things up to me (because I work for the company) and then later he worries about what I have picked. Haha! But he knows I usually come up with the goods!

So now of course I want to change my front doors, skirting and cornice…. today I will be begging and kicking and screaming. I am sure no one will want to work with me after this house has finished. Ha!!!!

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