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How to propagate a Devil’s Ivy plant

Devil’s ivy, also called golden pothos, is a tropical, evergreen vine which can be grown indoors as a hardy, carefree plant in any zone. I have a very big healthy one already, and I decided I’d like to make another one. Instead of buying a new plant, I thought I’d propagate from the existing one!

This is extremely easy to do and the results are quick…

How to propagate a Devil’s Ivy plant

  1. Snip a small length of stem just under the woody protrusions of the leaves.
  2. Cut the stem of your plants at an angle, this helps it take in water until it takes root.
  3. Place them in a glass jar so just the roots are sitting in water.
  4. Don’t allow leaves to sit in water.
  5. Cuttings need partial sun – a windowsill with bright, filtered light is best.
  6. Leave for about 2 weeks until you see good protruding roots.
  7. Transfer your new plant into moist potting soil.

2 weeks later…

It’s as simple as that! Now I have a new Devil’s Ivy waiting to grow long and luscious like its big Mumma next door. I plan on using it as a hanging plant once it takes off.

I’ll come back and edit this post in a couple of months so you can see how’s it’s going.

You can do the exact process with a Jade plant. Also, here’s how to grow more succulents.

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  • hannah newbold

    oooh thinking of doing this. how are yours doing?

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