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How to fix a saggy and sad looking lounge

Last week when I was searching around on Pinterest I came across the inspiration to fill my saggy lounge cushions! They have annoyed me for so long and obviously I was being very blonde and hadn’t thought to fill them up again…. derrrr!! So a trip to Spotlight was in order on Sunday. Now you have no idea how happy this 5 minute project made me!!!! 😉



So they were pretty flat weren’t they? With a bow in the middle. I love these lounges. The are a very good large size (4 seaters) and a dark charcoal (or sometimes they look navy). They just needed a new fresh look.


I bought 2 big bags (1kg each) of hobby filly (or polyester fill) from Spotlight. They were $13 a bag.


It depends on your lounge and if you can insert the fill into the actual lining that would be better, but I couldn’t unless I wanted to unpick the white fill and re-sew (who am I kidding! I was too impatient for that!). So I stuffed it as evenly as I could in the top of the cushion (the zipper part is on the bottom obviously). I had to push it around so it wasn’t going to end up with lumps…




Now look! They are high and proud again! I didn’t end up using the 2 full bags of fill, but have saved the rest to see if the cushions settle in the next few days and need another top up. I even stuffed some of the throw cushions so they look plump and lush.

It may have been a tiny project, but I am so happy! 😉



  • Neville Nikita Bamblett

    Thanks for sharing! I have the same lounges and this also annoys me. I’m always trying to fluff and bang them into a better shape, The lounges are a few years old but not ready to update till my boys are a little older and tidier, great tip!

  • carolheath

    Good idea, Ours are filled with feathers though and whenever I open them up I need to take them to the bathroom and close the door because there is an explosion of feathers (even though they are supposed to be encased in the cushion insert they escape). A little extra wadding may help control those pesky feathers as well. Thanks.

  • Bruno Bertucci

    Hey Katrina. you have inspired me to do the same to my couch. Its leather, so hopefully i can do the same thing.

  • Tahnee

    I have a saggy lounge, it’s only 3 months old too so it’s very disappointing! Only problem is there’s no cushion zip anywhere, and the cushions are inbuilt in to the lounge (i.e can’t be turned over for a quick fix). It’s a large lounge and only one or two people sit on it in a day but it cost me over $1600. Any advice?

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi Tahnee, I have a lounge where they are stuck too! There is nothing that can be done I don’t think. Bummer!

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