How to deep clean your home

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With so many of us in social isolation right now, many of us find ourselves with time to tackle the jobs we keep putting off. Carpet cleaning included!

My husband and I both work full time and with 3 teenage boys living here too, things can get a bit messy! I’m pretty good at spot cleaning, and keeping on top of basic tasks, but every now and I then I have the urge to REALLY clean stuff…. especially carpet in high traffic areas or my couches.

Last week I was sent the Britex Carpet Care system to send to work around my home.

You know I love my low-tox, but I needed to use the recommended solutions to get the best results. A good rule is 80/20 in your home.

Hiring a Britex cleaner saves you money and time. Looking to spot clean only a small area of carpet or an area rug? Hire a Britex cleaner, opt for a shorter hire time and clean away! With Britex hire prices, you can experience professional grade cleaning results, at a fraction of the cost of hiring cleaning professionals.

I started with the carpets. Part of the appeal, is that it’s easy to set up and use. Hiring a Britex DIY carpet cleaning machine is quick and simple. I used a small amount of Carpet Cleaning Solution with hot tap water.

A surface clean or vacuuming is not a deep clean. The Britex hire machine uses the power of hot water extraction to deliver a thorough clean, reaching deep down into carpet fibres to remove dust, dirt, allergens and bacteria. In fact hot water extraction is a system favoured by many professional carpet cleaning services as it delivers a hygienic result while being gentle on carpet fibres. Research shows that using a Britex Carpet Cleaner with Britex Cleaning Solutions in a high traffic office area, reduces the bacterial load by up to 99.95%.

I’m embarrassed to show you what came out of my carpets! And I am a clean person. But that’s the thing – you never know what’s lurking inside those fibres.

Next I used a small amount of Spot ‘n’ Stain spray on some stubborn marks on my couch. Then I switch the wand over to the upholstery head. It’s simple to use!


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Be in control of your own cleaning schedule and preferences with Britex.

Britex carpet cleaners are available to hire at over 1,500 participating stores across Australia. Simply hire a Britex carpet cleaner any time and clean when it suits you. Don’t spend your time comparing quotes and worrying if professional carpet cleaners are doing a good job. Take cleaning into your own hands and DIY to ensure your carpet is cleaned to your high standards.

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Happy cleaning ♥ KC.

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