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How to add value to your home

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Fresh paint

A new coat of paint is probably the easiest task you can complete around your home to add value. First impressions count, and new paint will certainly freshen and liven  your house. It’s also a job that you can do yourself over a few weekends. Decide whether you want a dark, medium, or light as the main color and don’t forget the exterior. Cosmetics are important out there too. The effective use of colour (and the correct tones) can add thousands to the value of your home. When deciding on a colour you need to gather samples first and mask off areas to trial remembering that paint can throw tones of blue/purple/grey/brown in different light. When you’re looking to paint a room or style it, do you think about how the colour will make that room feel? The psychology of colour in the home can evoke feelings and set the tone for your family’s emotional well-being. Before choosing a colour for a room, you need to be clear on the function of each space within your home. Is the Living room the hub of the home, or is it a quiet space where you can relax and unwind? Once you’ve worked out the function, then you can choose a predominant colour.

New splashback in the kitchen

Like artwork on walls, the splashback in the kitchen is there to make a statement and making an obvious change to it can boost the value. Kitchens sell homes, so injecting personality in the splashback can lift it’s overall feel. A splashback is an easy alternative to tiling too – using glass, colours and patterns.

Change the light fittings

This is an easy and inexpensive project to complete. Hardware stores are selling affordable and on-trend light fittings which you can buy and change yourself at home. New pendants, or batten-fix shades don’t need to boring anymore. While you’re going think about the lighting you do have in your home. Could it do with a few tweaks? Maybe you need some brighter globes for overhead lighting and task lighting which is directly over a workspace or for reading (like pendants). Also, light switches tend to look yellow over time so think about buying some new covers and changing them over.

New handles

Handles in the kitchen, bathrooms even the front door sometimes look tired and out of date. Take an old handle to the hardware store and match a it up with a new style. Make sure you don’t chose anything that would require new holes to be drilled because that will ruin any existing doors. Stick to the original shape and length.

Window treatments

Window treatments aren’t just a decorating tool, but they can actually do a lot for the home’s value as well. Add some new window coverings to your home to reduce interior sun damage, increase energy efficiency and also they need to look good. The right window coverings can make it look like you hired an interior designer, and also save you dollars along the way on your heating and cooling expenses. You can purchase a huge variety of blinds, curtains and shutters in lots of colours to suit your decor palette.

Clean (carpets, lounges)

A really good clean can instantly lift your home. This includes decluttering and removing anything in your home that is not being used. Scrub up the bathrooms, get rid of any dust, and hire a professional carpet cleaner for the carpets and lounges.

Garden Makeover

We’re almost at the best time of the year for the garden – Spring! This is the perfect time to get stuck into the backyard. All the weeds need to be done. Trim any over grown hedges and keep the lawn tidy. Get hold of a high-pressure hose and give paths and outdoor painted areas a good spruce up. You can even tackle the barbecue and give outdoor furniture a clean.

Curb appeal

What buyers see when they drive past your home for the first time is really important. Perception is important. Consider paths and shrubs – a landscaper might be worth calling to get an opinion. Curb appeal sells houses faster that anything on the inside of your home.

Step up storage

Old houses never have enough storage and can really turn a buyer off if there just isn’t enough space to put stuff – especially in the bedrooms. Maybe it’s time to visit the hardware store and look at their DIY options, or get a cabinet maker to your home to see what can be done to add that all important storage. Who doesn’t love a bit of functionality? At the end of that it will make your home look more customised to potential buyers.

Solar panels

A recent survey conducted by Origin Energy, done through, revealed 85 per cent of people believed solar rooftop panels increased the value of a property. They were considered the top “green’’ feature to increase a home’s value. About 78 per cent of those surveyed believed it would add up to $10,000 to the price of a home.

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UBank has launched the UrHome Property app, here to help take the process out of the home buying process. For more information and to download visit UBank.

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