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Hectic Weeks

It’s been a crazy few weeks in our house.

My Grandmother died on Fathers Day, so I flew to Sydney to do a reading at her funeral. Was an exhausting and emotional day, but good at the same time, as I hadn’t seen some of my cousins in 7 years. She was 93 years old and had a tremendous life.

I have some big things happening at work. Please pray that a certain proposal works out perfectly for me???

My eldest child has been pushing my buttons big time, but I think he may have turned the corner now (fingers crossed!). This parenting thing is the hardest job in the world.

My house cleaner ditched me. This is soooooo annoying. She just would not turn up some weeks, so when you expect to come home to things being done and they aren’t, well it really throws me off! I know I am complaining, but sometimes you just can’t do everything and spreading myself too thin is not good for anyone in our family. Chasing your tail over and over wears me down.

And with the warmer weather there has been an increase in the social life…this catches up with you eventually haha.

Then I have had a dreadful cyst on my head (yeah nice hey) which has been infected, drained, more infection down into the side of my face and neck blah blah. It’s crap. However, I am having it cut out next week. I have no idea why/how it got there.

Does life get a little crazy for you too sometimes?


  • Alison

    OMG I think you are living my life. It is always a crazy house here!!
    Sorry about your grandmother but what a wonderful age she lived to. Lucky you with those genes

  • Natasha Burns

    oh boy what a crazy time you've been having lately! So sorry to hear about your grandmother passing away.
    I hope the proposal works out for you and that everything else goes right soon!

  • Sue

    I try not to think about it, but every now and then it hits you, by ways of illness,infections…
    Take a breath, and I wish you luck with the goings on at work.
    What a great age for your grandmother!

  • Alicia ~ Time Worn Style

    yikes, it has been rough lately!! We too have had lots of going ons with sick kids etc etc. Mind you I am looking forward to the warmer weather, always give me a bit more ooomph! Hope it does you too.

  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    Oh yep I hear ya!
    Life has a sneeky way of just snowballing!
    One Minute cruising and next Kamakazzi!

    Your poor head!…Sounds awful!

    Anyway often the climb is worth it soon you will round the corner and enjoy the view.

  • Viera

    So sorry to hear about your grandmother passing away.
    Somethimes the things just pile up.

    Hope everything goes well for you.
    Wish you luck.

  • The Rose Room

    Oh Katrina, one thing after another! Very sorry to hear about your grandmother but what a great age to live to! Hope you have recovered from the yukky cyst, that would have made you feel horrible- take care – Rachaelxo

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