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He is awesome

Have I ever told you how awesome my husband is? Well he is, you know. There is not much this man can’t do…

I work lots. I mean lots. I never did work as I was busy having babies and he was busy working and building his own company up. But then an opportunity came along (not to mention I was getting bored with the house/cleaning/cooking/washing) and I wanted to join the workforce again. Afterall, I had spent years at a very expensive boarding school and then years at university, so I thought I had better put all my parent’s money to good use!

I slowly got back into working but soon realised I really liked the job. It was good to me and I was pretty good at it. This then meant I had an opportunity to increase my workload (not to mention the good money it pays!).

This is where my husband being so awesome comes into it. He decided to decrease some of the hours he worked in order to let me work. And with this he decided (on his own!) that he was not the ‘babysitter’ but would take care of everything I would normally do….washing, cooking, cleaning, groceries….he even packs all of our lunches the night before!!!

I work every weekend and he never whinges and never complains. He lets me be me. Everything is shared 50-50 in our house. We are a team. He rings me all day long to see how I am and wants for nothing. He is happy that I am happy and I love him with all my heart.

I would never ever find another like him.

On another note, the house has come along in leaps and bounds in the past 2 weeks! I will get some pictures tonight. It will be ready to move into in about 4 weeks! Not long now….


  • Sarah

    Oh wow, you are such lucky girl!
    Wish my hubby was into the whole 50/50 thing…ok I can dream!
    I hope you two do something nice this weekend, after work of course, maybe dinner out, just the two of you…sounds like you both deserve it!
    ~S~ xxx

  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    You two are the whole shabang girl!

  • klynch

    WOW and wonderful it should always be 50/50 i don't see why it should never be!! wonderful husbands are hard to come by!! mine is wonderful too took the infant this am at 4 for me….

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