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Have you figured out how life works yet?



This year, for me, has been better than last year. Last year felt like a bit of a waste, like a bit of a blur. It wasn’t intentional. 2013 just wasn’t my best.

Here’s some random points on why I think it’s going better (but I still haven’t figured everything out yet!):

♥ I’ve been working really hard this year. The things I have been working on aren’t obvious to most, but I know I’ve been putting in a lot of effort. I got an ABN in 2010 with the intention of working for myself – somehow. I feel like all of my hard work is growing. I wake up every day with the thought of “how many hours can I put in today?” I don’t wake up saying “I hate this, it’s so hard.”

♥ My brain never stops ticking. I am always full of ideas and conversation.


♥ I love what I do… whatever that is… sometimes it’s working with brands, sometimes it’s building websites/blogs, sometimes it’s teaching, and sometimes it’s just showing up at an event.

♥ I’ve been busy trying to build some relationships and I am conscious of not putting all of my eggs in one basket.

♥ I also know if I want something done, I have to do it myself.

♥ I love having the freedom to work when I want. I do this around my kids every day. 5am is always the best time of the day.

♥ I’m happy my husband gets what I do. Just an hour ago I rang him to see if it would be ok me to fly to Sydney on Friday for something. He never says no, or complains. I always look after him though 😉

♥ I have stopped myself from saying ‘busy, stressed, unmotivated‘. That’s helped my frame of mind big time.

♥ Teach somebody something and give them some of your knowledge. It’ll come back to you somehow tenfold.

So, that’s where I’m at… Today I just wanted to share with you my thoughts. I don’t always get to do that enough here on my blog. It’s nice to get these things down and then come back in a year and see what direction I’ve moved in. You should try it!

Anyone worked out the up’s and down’s of life yet?

How’s 2014 for you so far? Have you been breaking the year down in to chunks and trying to achieve small bits at a time. Remember, good things come to those who work really hard and never ever gives up.


  • Belinda Lee Milne

    A small business posted on facebook just recently “APRIL IS THE NEW JANUARY” as the first 3 months haven’t gone her way so she is starting her year off in April. I just thought I would share as I know this can relate to a lot of us out there.

    • julie gibbons

      Yep, I loved that quote from Karen Gunton too! Karen is fabulous, and I’m in awe of what she and Katrina have achieved in their own businesses. Life is never straightforward, and we have to remember that and JUST KEEP GOING.

  • Helen Jaman

    I love your attitude towards everything – I see how hard you have worked and keep admiring what you do daily … and on top of all of that you are a wife, and mum to 3 boys – as much as the ‘what goes around comes around’ is true, be reminded your ‘go get, can do and constant interest in so much’ attitude inspires us to keep going with what we do too, so thank you … Hx

    • Katrina Chambers

      Thanks Helen. But you’re pretty awesome too you know!

  • Michelle Hayward

    You are one of the few people who get the concept of leaving a legacy behind…never be afraid to teach people whatchyaknow!!!! I love that about you K!!!! It’s something that cannot be over-emphasised or under-rated because it’s really really important. People who are afraid of competition don’t share….but there’s enough success and love to go around. It is a beautiful thing to teach others and you do it so well!!! You always share what you do and hence it is always going to come back to you tenfold because you are so generous in what you give out!!!

    • Katrina Chambers

      Oh you are too kind. X

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