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Getting ready to Airbnb this house

Its been a long year trying to get this house finished and ready to Airbnb. There were some unnecessary and ridiculous issues with council, some asbestos (which is fine but takes time to sort), time delays with tradies and just a lot of hours doing DIY makes things harder than they probably needed to be.

But it’s almost there. The bathroom and laundry is 70% there. There’s an empty pool (big hole in the ground) that needs some dirt and there’s still a few doors to hang, skirting to go on and a fair bit of paint. That sounds like a lot when I write it out haha. But if you know what this house was like beforehand you’ll know that I’m on the downward run.

Here’s a few fuzzy iphone photos to see the parts that are looking ok!

Oh, and if you want to stay here, it’s located in Wagga Wagga, NSW. I am hoping to have it live on the Airbnb website soon.

As soon as the bathroom is done anyone can stay. You’ll get a discounted rate because you may be looking at that massive hole in the yard (obviously not safe for little kids!) and no skirting boards until it can all be finished over the January break. But other than some minor finishing touches it will be fresh and ready for guests!

Stay tuned.


  • Lara

    Hi Katrina, love your blog and instagram. You’ve done some really lovely work here! Can I ask – was it a deliberate reno choice to leave skirting until the end, or just happened that way? Tx!

    • Katrina (author)

      it was deliberate as it’s usually the last thing to go on 🙂

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