Floor Plan Friday: two storey, four bedroom with private adults wing upstairs

I’ve never lived in a two storey house before so it’s always a little tricky for me to work out the flow of the floor plan. It takes good vision to decipher how a double storey plan will come together. You have to think about the stairs, roofline, facade and how that will all look.

I found this one here today. It’s really not too dissimilar to a normal residential house block on the bottom half, but it’s moved the master and a big sitting room to the top floor. I’d be happy with my own private area up the top!

Essentially it has 4 living areas though so I would probably ditch the activity area and put a study in somewhere.

What did you think about this one today?

Don’t forget I have a whole collection of floor plans for you to look through. I have styling services too if you need a hand sorting through your own house build.

♥ KC.

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