Floor Plan Friday: The Queenslander

queenslander-manortop queenslander-manorbottom

Ok, I am in love! Yes, I know I say that lots, but I have always loved “The Queenslander”.

You’ll have to click on the plan to make it larger – it’s hard to see when it’s a landscape plan.

Look at that verandah! And the front elevation drawing. Cuteness. A lot of people love modern, and I do too sometimes, but I always come back to this style.

I found it here. I also have heaps of floor plans over here too.

What do you think about this plan? Your style?


  • Felicity Bezer

    We live in a modern Queenslander and it’s a fantastic home. The only change to this plan that I’d make is to reverse the position of the robe & ensuite from the back to the front for privacy and noise when the master suite sits against the main living area. Your plan has our configuration now and it’s the one thing that I’d change.
    Love Floorplan Fridays xx

  • Chris Robinson (@Deansmum)

    When my husband lost his job 20 plus years ago and we had to move we looked at a display home with a floor plan very similar to this. I fell in love with it. Sadly because of time constraints we ended up buying a basic 4 bed but if we ever win Lotto I will be building something like this. So much space, love it.

  • Laura Hickey

    Jodie Keeley

  • Parisgirl

    Gorgeous plan Katrina. One comment though is for a house it its size there are only 2 bathrooms/toilets. Still if I could afford to build that I could afford to put in another bathroom. We did have something similar years ago but no where near as grand. It makes me think I would like to have that style again but where would I find a block to fit. Happy weekend everyone.

  • Robyn Elizabeth

    Friends lived in an old QLDér on top of a hill over looking the Brisbane river. It needed a lot of love. It had a tower/widows walk. we would go up there in summer for a few drinks. The view was amazing from the city to the Gateway. Sadly it was pulled down and 5 fake qldérs replaced it. Such a shame 🙁

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