Floor Plan Friday: Man cave/workshop anyone?

Hi there! Thanks for stopping in. Today I found this floor plan via Pinterest, with no link back to original source so I’m not sure where it came from. I like the layout of this plan and thought I would share it here.

The front facade would be something I’d need to think about due to the workshop/man cave. Maybe the roofline would need to be modern (skillion) and a window up high? Or there could be a garden bed in front of the wall. You can always put a window in for aesthetics OR if you don’t want a man cave/workshop you could change to a bedroom.

Again, the access from the garage to the laundry could divide you all. 😉 But that could be an excellent mud room with the WIL placement.

Overall this is a pretty big home. The master bedroom with retreat and huge WIR and ensuite would be a stunning!

The alfresco and outdoor kitchen could be amazing.

The kids have their own end of the house too.

I’d like a study nook somewhere. It could go off the activity room. Or I’d put the fridge on the other end of the kitchen (closer to the scullery) and then put the nook over that way.

What do you think about this plan today??

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  • Alison

    I really like this week’s plan and agree with you about the fridge placement and facade Katrina. I would also like a small sink and water source in the kitchen as would not like to be lugging a pot full of water from the scullery. Otherwise I think I would be happy living in that house. Might need a cleaner though!

  • Pam Swope-Bland

    I agree with the post from Alison — there would absolutely have to be a sink in the kitchen itself, as well as one in the scullery. My preference would be to place a sink and dishwasher in the island in the kitchen, and keep the sinks and dishwasher in the scullery too.

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