Floor Plan Friday: Large Family Home


Today I have this large family home that uses the space well. I built this home myself a few years ago, but it is suited to a narrow long block. It was a great size, but the garage wasn’t wide enough. My eldest loved the access to the bathroom and I loved the pantry and study area. We had white shutters from the study looking in to the family area. The master bedroom and ensuite were pretty awesome too!

There are lots of facade options so check that out here. Also, click on the floor plan to view it larger.

If you’d love to see more great floor plans then click here. If you have a floor plan you’d like me to look over before you build, please email me or BUY my services then scan and email them to me.

I will spend 2 hours looking over your plan and email back a detailed list of suggestions for changes. I can’t guarantee changes will be needed as your plan may already be perfect in my eyes. But for peace of mind I can either list some suggestions, or let you know how jealous I am of your soon-to-be new home.

♥ KC.


  • Kirby Cotterill Schofield

    Love this one… actually on closer looking the bathroom and pdr have no windows so it would need a little tweaking to get this to work for me 😉

  • Westbury UK

    Really like this floor plan – I think it’s a nice touch that the bath/pdr can be accessed two different ways.

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