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Floor Plan Friday: Family Home

Hi there! I’m back with Floor Plan Friday today!

Here’s a good layout for a family home…

Hillarys_Modern_Front_Elevation_With_Feature_Stone Hillarys_Modern_House_Design_With_High_Raking_Ceilings_And_Open_Living_Areas

I like the majority of this home – although I would turn the playroom in to the 4th bedroom and the guest bedroom would become a sitting room. I love the garage in to the laundry (same as my house!). I also don’t mind the study near the master. This one ticks a lot of boxes for me!

Here‘s where I found it and here are some more Floor Plan’s.

What do you think about this one?

♥ KC.


  • Donna Lovelock

    This ticks ALL the boxes for me. What do you think Philip?

  • Kirby Cotterill Schofield

    Love it…the study near the master would be my crafting room there is enough room for my tribe love the kitchen…..

  • Karen McMillan

    Its a bit silly how the alfresco area is blocked off from the pool area by the sitting/reading room. I would move this room up against the playroom wall with entry off the dining area, so the alfresco area would move up wrap around the house with entry off the living room. If you have children you need to be able to see them in the pool in case of accidents, not be blocked off by a room.

  • Livwithvision

    I like this but would swap the Study & Ensuite around so your not walking from one side of the master to the other to get dressed. I also agree that modifying the Playroom so it could double as a 5th bedroom would be great. I love the open plan living and the amount of storage is amazing! I also love that none of the bedrooms or main living areas look onto the Street front – this is a really great floor plan for those that like their privacy 🙂 (like me)

  • Hdmi Intel

    Wow, I really like the floor plan here. Wish that I can also do the same in my new bought condo. Anyway, I am currently looking for a condo unit near for rent or condo for sale near school in Singapore. I am doing this for a friend though, Anyway, I found this one and I do hope that it can help her.

  • Marina One residences singapore

    Love resort houses especially with functionalist designs. If there is really the art there this would be the multiple study rooms where I guess everyone is needing like I do. Great share. Keep posting.

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