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Easy Christmas Shopping with Cash by Optus

Do you spend too much time fumbling with your bags and wallet at the checkout? I do! I am always juggling a handbag, phone/keys/purse and kids. Last week I finally got around to doing a small amount of Christmas shopping (I am in no way finished haha!). I got to trial a new system called Cash by Optus using Visa payWave technology. You can simply tap and pay for purchases using an Android smartphone. Cash or cards are no longer required to pay for items costing less than $100 – all I had to do was wave the pre-loaded app on the phone over the eftpos machine and I was done.

I was so impressed!


I knew this shopping trip was going to be a quick one. I’d made a list, checked the preloaded available balance and I headed off.


I went to a couple of shops (you just need to check the store offers payWave) and gathered a few little Christmas presents. Once I got to the register it was a simple tap and go system just using the phone. Cash by Optus is the hassle-free, convenient way to make payments and makes Christmas shopping quick and simple. It cuts down on time spent in line at the ATM or at the checkout fumbling through your wallet, just ‘wave and go’ in seconds.


You can also keep track of spending in real time via the Cash by Optus app. What’s more, a handy widget can be set up on your phone home screen to keep a closer eye on spending.

Now, instead of looking for my purse then card, I can just use the phone. My kids were blown away. My husband (who still lives in the 90s) kept saying “well I’ll be darned…” haha! We love our new technology 🙂


The handbag can now stay at home – that’s one less thing to juggle.

Happy shopping. ♥ KC.

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