DIY Wool Wall Hanging


I bought the recent Homes+ Magazine and wanted to recreate their DIY Wool Wall Hanging (so this is not my original idea!). It looked easy and pretty cool and I had the perfect spot for it to hang…

What you’ll need:

  • Wool (or yarn as some people say!) in 3 x colours
  • A straight branch
  • Good cutting scissors
  • A hook to hang the finished masterpiece on (I got mine from Wrapped Cootamundra)
  • Tape measure/ruler


I cut my wool in to 1.5m lengths.

I used about 20 lengths for the middle grey. Then about 30 lengths each side for the cream and then 10 lengths each side of the brown.




Fold the yarn in half. Place it behind the branch and pull the two hanging pieces through to loop. See my video below if you’re not sure.

image4 image5

And here she is! I would say the photo makes it looks a little darker than what is in real life. The hook looks great! I love it. I nice wall hanging for winter.

IMG_5288 IMG_5293 IMG_5292 IMG_5294

Here’s a quick video for you to see how easy it is!

What do you think? Could you give this a go? Any colours/shape would be great! SO easy!

Happy DIY-ing. ♥ KC.


  • Angela Booth

    It looks lovely on your wall but I have to ask…is that black/white cross canvas on the wall also a DIY??

  • Chris R

    This is awesome Katrina. I need to find some downtime and get my creative on.
    Great stress relief too I bet! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • njideka

    nice decor, am so doing this…check out for real women story and if you loved reading it please share. i love you for reading

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