DIY Supersize Canvas Artwork

Have you seen how expensive an oversized canvas is? I didn’t have hundreds of dollars to spend but I wanted something large and cheap (so this meant DIY!).

I had two spare canvases in my shed coincidentally. And I thought hey, I wonder if I can join them together?? I thought about this for weeks and easn’t sure if this was a stupid project that would end up in the skip bin.

But I think I worked it out!

I decided to glue two canvases together and cover it in calico, so you don’t see the join…

Here are the steps for the DIY canvas project:

  1. Gather the materials: two spare canvases, heavy duty fabric, a staple gun, paint, tape.
  2. Clamp the two canvases together and let them dry overnight.
  3. Purchase heavy duty fabric from a craft store like Spotlight.
  4. Cover the glued canvases with the heavy duty fabric using a staple gun to secure it in place.
  5. Use tape to create a checkerboard pattern on the fabric-covered canvas.
  6. Apply paint within the taped squares, keeping in mind that the fabric may cause the paint to bleed.
  7. Wait for the paint to dry, then remove the tape.
  8. Use new tape to create additional squares on the canvas.
  9. Apply more paint to the newly taped squares.
  10. Experiment with adding block colours and other design elements to the canvas, such as a hot pink splotch or dark green accents.

I think this will do the job for now. It looks fine in my little flip house. You might come up with a better idea! Share it with me if you do.

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