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DIY: Fence screens

This weekend, why don’t you transform your outdoor space in a few hours? These screens from Bunnings are so versatile – for fences, around a pool area, enclose a verandah, create a feature along a shed… the ideas are endless. 

I recently added this feature to the outdoor area at my Airbnb house. The neighbours were happy for me to do it and now they don’t have to see my guests eating outside. 

It was so easy! We screwed the screens straight into the capping of the fence (making sure they screws don’t end up through the other side), then I sprayed the screws with some brown/rust paint and put some nice lush hedges in the front.

The screens are great value for money and a good option if you need a bit of something special in your garden.

I also added a lush hedge to the front of them. Can’t wait for them to take off!

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