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DIY boys bedroom wall art


Hello there!

Today I am going to show you a wall I created in my son’s bedroom. I am not at all going to take the credit for this creativity and the originality, because I copied this idea straight from Simone at Honey & Fizz! I loved it when I saw it a few month ago and from that day onwards I was on the hunt for some clipboards! Finally I found them at Officeworks and we already had the camping and 4W driving magazine. My child is obsessed with camping and fishing!

I attached them all with nails. Yes, I know, some people shudder at the thought of all of those nails, but they don’t worry me at all! They are easily fixed if I want to take them down.





And just for fun, I made a little 60 second video to show you the mess I made whilst doing it 🙂

Have a great day! X


  • Amanda

    Awesome! You’ve lined them up so straight and perfect too 🙂 Hope Cruise loves his new artwork x

  • Cindy

    I love this, such a great idea!

  • Deanne

    Cool and easily changeable when he gets a new interest!

  • KL

    Tremendous idea Katrina and well executed! Love!
    x KL

  • Hayley

    Where did you get the personalised cushion?????? It’s fantastic!

    • Allison

      Love the quilt cover. Where is it from?
      Just a question. If my bed is a queen size should I have a king size quilt? I have a queen bed frame before but now we have an ensemble the queen quilt looks small…

      • Katrina (author)

        Hi Allison, it’s from Adairs. Yes, I do go a size bigger 🙂

        • Allison

          great. Thanks

  • KellnGrae Cox

    What a great idea! Also where oh where did you get the Doona cover from. I am desperately looking for something for Mr Almost 9 going on 15's bed that looks grown up but not too grown up. Loving the monochrome Union jack.

  • Leanne Kenway

    Ha Kell, we just bought the same doona cover for Connor! Very, very hard finding something grown up and neutral for a boy after 14 years of Star Wars!!! We put a crimson red set of sheets with it and it looks awesome 😉

  • KellnGrae Cox

    I knew there was a reason we have been friends for soooo many years. Great minds! xo

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