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Coloured front doors to welcome you home

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by today. I’ve received a lot of lovely comments and emails about my newly painted pink front door. Many of you are now inspired to take a risk and paint your own front door.  I wanted to show you some different colours and hues that might suit. Although my favourite would most definitely be pink, I also love aqua, yellow and even peach! You’re only limited by how brave you want to be – the colour choices are endless!

Here are some of my favourites from around the web.

Candy pink (source)

Bright yellow (source)

Aqua (source)

Neon Peach (source)

Lime Green (source)

Navy Blue (source)

Charcoal (source)

Red (source)

Some tips on choosing a colour –

  • If you have bricks – ensure the colour compliments the bricks and doesn’t clash. And don’t be put off if your home has older style bricks. You can really make a difference to the look of an older brick home with a new modern door in a bold colour.
  • Think about how often you may have to repaint. Darker colours can fade quicker.
  • Create mood boards of your facade colours and selected door colour to see which combination you are drawn to the most.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t like the end result – you can try another colour!

Have you painted your front door? What colour did you choose?

♥ KC.


  • Sharon Magette

    Actually, I was roaming around over the net to look for different kinds of home improvement and I found this article of yours. Those images are definitely a wonderful design for the home. I like the design of the navy blue it’s actually calm to look at. What an amazing design. Thanks.

  • Rakesh

    Thanks a lot for share this post…

  • Emma Kate Turton

    Our weatherboard house is Milton Moon but our front door has antique aqua/ turquoise glass in it….any suggestions on a colour to match both the glass and weatherboard. Our gutters are monument and white trims.

  • Kerri

    I’d love a coloured door and have ‘pinned’ about 100!! We have (and need) a front security/screen door though so I feel the impact will get lost? I’m afraid there are no pics on Pinterest with a screen door!

    • Katrina (author)

      You may just need to leave your screen door, this probably has more impact if there is no screen 🙂 X

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