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Change can lift your spirits

Hi there! Thanks for popping in today. I wrote this post some time back for Kidspot and I found it again recently so I thought I’d share it over here… If you’ve been reading my posts long enough you’ll know I am a big declutterer (that’s not a proper word haha!) and love a good clean up to get my creative juices going…

Change can be a very scary word, in fact most of us find it extremely hard to make alterations – big or small – to our lives. There’s the fear of the unknown, the shake-up of routine to contend with, not to mention the feeling of being lost for a little while as we find our feet in a new and unfamiliar situation. But change, as the old saying goes, can be as good as a holiday. It can put some much-needed spark back into the otherwise mundane; it can lift our spirits.

Personally, I try to embrace change because with it comes challenges, and I want my life to be about challenges. I want to keep pushing the boundaries and see where it takes me.

Each day I think about how I can make today different from yesterday. I might drive home a different way, shop at a different supermarket or move my computer to a different room. I do it just because I can, and this small twist in my everyday makes me feel alive.

These are small changes of course, but they are doable and work wonders in putting a little bit of ‘new’ into the usual, so I encourage you to shake things up a bit in your own life.

If you feel in need of a more drastic change though, make sure you do some spring cleaning of your life first before deciding to embark on anything new. Big changes can bring on big mental stress, so in order to make the decision to have another baby, move house or get a new job, you need a clear mind. Personally, I find I can’t think straight if my house is a mess, so the first thing I do before thinking about making any big decision is declutter. Here’s some easy ideas to get you in the zone.

♥ Clean your house. Nothing can be achieved if you’re surrounded by clutter and mess.

♥ Throw things out and only keep items that are useful.

♥ Delegate. You can’t do everything so ask for help to lighten your work load. You cannot be productive if you can’t think clearly.

♥ Clean out your office, pay the overdue bills, get the household admin in order.

Do you need to declutter before you can think clearly and make any big decisions?

What do you need to get done before you can sit down and really think?


  • Gabby Howlett

    This sounds like me. I now put in my calendar little decluttering jobs and even paying my bills once a month. I find that if I don’t ‘make time’ I never find the time. It’s a great feeling physically and mentally ????

  • Charmaine

    We need to finish building our packing shed so I can finally move our dried fruit packing out to its own area. It has our grown our house area. I am always stressed every second week when it’s market week????

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