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What do you buy pre-teen and teen boys for Christmas?

This year has been hard to think of what to buy my boys for Christmas! There’s not a lot of Santa action, we don’t do toys anymore, they play a lot of sport and have all that gear already…. so I was struggling to think of things they might like.

My eldest is really easy to buy for. I can usually pick 100 things for him and I know he’ll be happy. My middle boy said “I don’t really need anything Mum, so I don’t care.” And my youngest gave me 2 things he’d like and that’s it. I guess I should be cheering?? Haha!

With 3 boys though they tend to share a lot of things, so we don’t need to double up on stuff. They hand down their clothes and aren’t too precious.

Are you a bit stuck too? I thought today I’d give YOU some ideas after I sat and thought hard about this one. Not saying my boys are getting all of this for Christmas! Some stuff we have already, and some are just ideas to help….

Here’s where you can find these items –

01. / 02. / 03. / 04. / 05. / 06. / 07. / 08. / 09. / 10. / 11. / 12. / 13. / 14. / 15. / 16. / 17.

As you can see I picked mostly practical stuff. My kids are outdoorsy. Plus we all don’t mind a bit of Simon and Jase from All 4 Adventure so anything to do with those guys is a hit! For $5 off at All 4 Adventure enter KAT5 at the checkout! Expires 25th December.

♥ KC.

PS. Sorry I can’t do a girls ones because I have nooooooo idea haha! 😉


  • VIpin Agarwal

    Nice Article. Chk out sturdy sports for Christmas gifts

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