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Beginner-Friendly Plant and How Not to Kill It

So you’re looking to expand your green space, but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place! While every houseplant is different and may have varying needs, some care tips are common across the board.

  1. Do not overwater. Let excess water drain out of the pot.
  2. Fertiliser is optional! No need to purchase plant food or add fertilise frequently, as this is more likely to cause harm than good depending on conditions.
  3. Try to avoid direct light, as foliage in direct rays can be sun burned.

If you still feel like you need more help with care tips, and want the perfect low-maintenance houseplant that doesn’t compromise on foliage and colour, here is our recommendation for the most beginner friendly plant!

The Snake Plant / Sanseviera

The Snake Plant, also called “Mother in Law’s Tongue”, is a common poster child for impossible-to-kill beginner plants. By looking at its low-maintenance care needs, it is easy to see why. Snake Plants can tolerate any light condition, they can withstand cold weather changes, and require very little water. This makes a perfect fit for those starting out who are worried they may forget to water or do not have a sunny growing area.

The Sanseviera comes in many different colours and varieties, with dark green, yellow, and silver being the most common. While they are very hardy and may be mistaken as fake plants, the most common way they are killed is by overwatering. On average, watering this plant fully just every 2-4 weeks should be sufficient. If you are unsure, do not water until it has been at least 2 weeks from the last watering. As to lighting needs, even a room with a light bulb is ample for growth. Above all, as long as your snake plant is not overwatered, it is happy in its new home!


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